How USPS is Providing Mail Service To Homeless: Homeless Mail Service

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USPS Homeless Mail Service: Some of the USPS customers are having a very common query which is very valid to be cleared from the USPS’s part. The query is that whether USPS delivers mails or packages to homeless individuals or anyone who is not having a home. W ell, for the answer to this query from the customers, it is yes. USPS delivers to the homeless people as well. Since we know that there are the people in the United States just like any other countries who can’t afford to have their own home and when one doesn’t own their home, such individuals surely can’t provide USPS with their home address.


Hence, in this case, USPS delivers those people with a different approach and this approach is known as the free post office box services to the homeless people.


USPS Homeless Mail Service

Yes, USPS offers free post office box services to homeless individuals.  Any individual who doesn’t own home can make an application to their local post office for availing of the free post office box services.


The application will be written with such a set of words that convey the applicant wants to use the free post office box services of USPS along with that the applicant will be required to full fill certain other conditions.

  • Those conditions may be that the postmaster of that local post office must know the applicant in person.
  • In case the applicant is unknown to the postmaster, then the postmaster will be required to provide valid identity proof.


There may be some other conditions too which should be fully filled by the applicant, and once all the conditions are satisfied, the applicant will be granted the free post office box services.

After availing of the free post office box services, the applicant will be able to receive all the emails in the post office box and can pick from there.

If you want to know about the USPS Customer Service phone number, you may find this article helpful.

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  1. Myself and my brother are homeless I am trying to help us I have important documents that I need regarding help for us he is disabled but I’m in need of a po box please a free one

  2. I am a homeless woman in morganton nc I have a valid “letter of homelessness ” and I really need a po box for my medicine to get sent to and all of my lifes crazy big issues right now. Can you please help me?

  3. My medicine is mailed from Humana I am currently Displaced(homeless) I’m 63 & disabled I can’t use friends or family members address due to restrictions of their landlords/property management

  4. I’m a 71 yr old homeless Vietnam Veteran I receive my medication through the mail (General Delivery) I mentioned that I might be living the area a employee cancelled me from the general delivery list all my meds and mail are being returned. I’m in need of assistance

  5. Hi I am currently homeless and I’m needing a PO Box to receive my mail from my Medicaid, n food stampsp..also i have various doctors who send me important info.can u help with what i need to do to apply gor a fee free po box.thank you

  6. I am homeless with no mailing address i live on the streets and i need to get important documents sent to me can u please help me with a free p.o box

  7. My fiancee and I are homeless live in a tent near fwy. Have important mail from social security disability and lawyers etc can we get a free po box?

  8. A homeless person may submit an application for PO Box™ service to a local Post Office™. The Postmaster may approve the application under any one of the following conditions:

    The applicant is known to the window clerk or Postmaster.
    An unknown applicant submits proper ID.
    The applicant provides a verifiable point of contact (e.g., place of employment, shelter, charitable institution, or social services office).
    Applicants who cannot meet these conditions may be eligible to receive indefinite General Delivery service, if approved by the local Postmaster. Customers should contact their local Post Office for more information.

  9. MY Name is Bob Ronel Harrision. I am in need of a place to receive my mail. I would like to apply for my mail to be forwarded to the nearest mail carrier and for a no fee po box in my area which is near the 626 E Apache ST 74106 Post Office in Tulsa

  10. Hello I am homeless female simply trying to accomplish my future goals and re communicate with my 6children and lost family I have an inheritance and lots of important and federal documentation packages and more due to severity amount of inheritance but due to mail theft from 403 Mary sa tx 78214 for the last bout 10 years or more of my life I haven’t received any of my mail jus small in important letters n brochures not needed my uncle jimmy Ruiz was a postal mailman so due to this big inheritance I’ve had hidden from me by my cruel family we are in a huge dispute me against all the family which have bank clearance mail clearance SAPD clearance n more so due to cyber theft identity theft them stealing my I’d bc and ss card I’m really struggling I’m now homeless broke sad n lost all due to me reporting a TS money TRANSMITTER and wire tap and all sorts of things in my grandfather’s house which is deceased they put a restraining order on me for reporting it and in process I lost all identity and monies friends n family so I’m house to house changing addresses here n there each 2 days now it’s difficult to get in contact due to no phone and things like that please help I tried to stop mail but they said I needed 2 forms of id which we’re stolen n bc ask of money and so does I’d so I’m in a rutt God bless u

  11. My son an myself are homeless. I was getting mail at a friend’s
    But was informed we are no long allow to. If by some chance someone may be able to help. Please contact me at 937) 536-8776 thank u Margaret sweitzer

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