🚚 Does DHL Deliver on Saturdays & Sundays? 🤔

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Do you have a question, “Does DHL deliver on Saturdays & Sundays?” To simply put it, if you are a US resident, then DHL doesn’t deliver in the US either on Saturdays & Sundays except in the case of special requirements. We will discuss more in this article, so keep reading.

Who Is DHL?

DHL express is basically a German-based courier service which is the division of the Deutsche Post. DHL is known for its both domestic and international courier packages, and mail delivering services. DHL is the unit of the Deutsche which is known as the world’s largest logistics company in sea and air transportation particularly.

DHL was founded by the Adrian DELSEY and the Larry HILL BLOG back in the year 1969 and started its courier delivery services at a small scale, and later expanded its services across the world by the end of 1970.

DHL was initially interested only in the offshore and intercontinental services, but on the other hand, the expansion of FedEx prompted the DHL delivery hours to come at the global front, and since then the DHL is working globally now.  DHL expanded its services throughout the United States by the end of 1983.

Prior to the year, 2001 DHL express was having its own controlling power of the DHL courier services but in 2001 the Deutsche acquired the majority of the DHL shares, and hence gained the controlling power of the DHL. In the present scenario, Deutsche is having full-fledge control and the operating power of the DHL express.

Does DHL deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

The concern of this article is to address the question which is being asked by plenty of users. The question is whether DHL delivers your parcels and mails on Saturdays and Sundays.

Well, the answer to this question requires a detailed explanation due to the varying delivery policies of the DHL.

If you are someone who is living in the United States then the answer for you is a big no. DHL doesn’t deliver any kind of packages in the United States either on Saturdays and Sundays except in the case of special requirements as mentioned in the beginning.

Having said that, you can ask DHL to deliver your package on Saturday or Sunday and DHL will make the delivery, but comparatively at the higher delivery charges.

If we talk about the DHL Saturday and Sunday delivery policies for the rest of the world, then yes, DHL makes a delivery for both of the days, but there is a catch in that delivery also.

If the user wants the package to be delivered on either Saturday or Sunday, then they need to choose that option at the time of booking the package with DHL.

If the user chooses the DHL delivery on Saturday and Sunday delivery option, then they will be required to pay some extra charges. Otherwise, the delivery will be during weekdays.

Final Words

So, we hope by now you would have understood the DHL package delivery policies. If you are still confused about the DHL delivery option on Saturdays and Sundays, then do let us know your further query and we would try our best to sort that out.

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