What time will I receive my UPS shipment if tracking status is “On Vehicle for Delivery”?

If your UPS tracking status is showing that your package is on Vehicle for delivery, then this means that your package is reached at your nearest UPS store and is dispatched to the UPS driver and that driver picked your shipment and carrying it to the final destination address. If we ignore the time-bound air deliveries, the package is delivered mostly whenever between the time of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (sometimes it can be later than this) to homes, but delivery is expected in business addresses within the business hours of the organization only. UPS never commit to the next time frame delivery as the driver has more other packages also so he or she delivers the package to the area nearest to its current location. Therefore it’s up to the driver that when it delivers your package to your doorstep.  Also if UPS is unable to deliver the package within the given time that day, then the driver schedule that package delivery for the next business day and this will be shown on to your tracking status. If you opted for the UPS access point pick, then your package will be delivered there and then you can pick up the UPS package from there.

When we ship the package through the UPS they provide the facility to track your package throughout the UPS shipping process. To track your package you should always have a UPS tracking number. This number is allotted to a package at the time when the order is placed and then is shared with the person who placed the order and this number can be used to find the current status of the package. If you didn’t get this UPS tracking number, then contact your local office or if this problem still persists, then you can also contact UPS customer service regarding your problem.

Also in the U.S and Canada, the package can be left by the UPS driver if the package for the delivery does not need the signature formality. This could incorporate the entryway patio, side entryway, back yard, or carport zone. For residential conveyances that need a signature, guidelines can be left for the UPS driver if no one is available at home to pick the package like you can say that the package will be given to the neighbour who will be available at home. But if the signature is necessary for the package delivery then UPS doesn’t deliver the package to the neighbour or any other person and then, in this case, the package will be scheduled for delivery for the next business day.

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