UPS Store or UPS Drop-Off/ Access Point Locations Near Me

Are you finding trouble in searching for the UPS store near me?. Then your search ends here because here in this post we are going to provide the map through which you can easily find the UPS store nearest to your location. The other information you will get from this article is about how to use the locator to find UPS locations nearby. As well as ways to get the UPS hours for each store.

You will get some little-known facts and services of the UPS Store. Get the social media pages links at the end of the post to get directly in contact with UPS.

Post offices play very important role in every body’s life. The person who wants to send or receive mails or parcels from different places around the world. Post offices act as the medium. How? Let me tell you- Suppose you want to send a parcel to your friend who is living in another city. You have two options either drive to their place and hand over them in person. Or send the parcel through any postal service.

Find Nearest UPS Access Point

In the first option, it may be possible that your friend may not be present to collect than what will you do. Either hand over the parcel to a neighbor or go again to deliver the package. Both are not the best option as it will waste your lots of time. The second option I proposed was to deliver the package to your nearest post office. They will deliver your parcel to the destination city from where it is sent to the local post office near to your friend location and then delivered. So now you know which option is best for you.

UPS stores are spread all over the world. So there will be very less probability that you will not find one near you. The only thing you need to know is how to find the store.  We are going to discuss various ways through which you can easily find the UPS location near you. We are providing a map which will show you the nearest UPS store. You can also find the locations of UPS by using store locator given on The UPS Store official site.

We are going to discuss step by step procedure for finding the location of UPS from the locator. The other methods are by using the mobile app, social media pages etc. We are also going to discuss some facts about the UPS store.

UPS Store or Drop-off Locations Near Me🥰

UPS store is present in more than 4000 locations in the United States of America as well as all over the world. its headquarter is located in the San Diego, California, USA. The franchise locations of the UPS store provide the business services as well as SOHO(small -office or home-office) marketing etc. the best thing about UPS store is that its locations are not only in the business area or shopping complexes, you can easily found these stores in the college buildings, military bases, hotels, and empowerment zones as the locations are increasing day by day.

If we talk about the services on any one Ups store location, it provides wide range of services as well as products at every location so you can get services like international and domestic shipping, printing, packaging, postal and mailbox services, moving supplies etc. on every single location of UPS store.

UPS store near me, UPS store locator

As Ups store is seeing the increase in the number of customers are increasing day by day, they are also enhancing their services on the regular basis and keeping this in mind, it may be possible that UPS store new branches will be open in other locations soon. So if you don’t have UPS store in your neighbor or in you city then don’t worry, maybe UPS is planning to open a new store in your locality only.

To find UPS Locations near me – Use the Below Map❤️

So keep in touch with the UPS through various contact methods to know the new updates regarding the New store announcement. To help you with this we are providing various contacts at the end of the articles through which you can easily get the updates of the UPS store. So choose the methods according to your convenience.

Sometimes it happens that you have to wait for the package delivery and you are finding difficulty in searching UPS store near you. Then not to worry much as you can easily find the UPS store by using the below map.

UPS stores are very famous in the USA and Canada is the biggest franchise in the Postal service having more than 5000 stores of UPS in only the United States of America. The new customers are adding day by day which is making these stores more popular. But the problem faced by most of the new customer is that they find it difficult to locate the location of the UPS store nearby and that’s why this article is written to help the new or old customer of the UPS store in finding the nearest UPS store locations.

UPS Store near by

People search for ups store nearby to their location whenever they want to deliver any package but it is very difficult task for any new person to locate the store. In this case, you can use our map given below;

You can see the locations are marked and these locations are the places near your current location. Now you must be thinking how this map works. This map automatically detects your current location and shows you the UPS store near me.  To get the full information about any particular store, click on the map and a window will be open that will contain all the information related to the store.

The information includes the full address and phone number, hours, and timings. These details you can also get from the UPS store locator also but the only difference is that this map automatically detect your location and gives the ups store near my location while in Ups locator, you have to first know the location name and input it in the search box and then it shows you the result. So using the above given map is easy as compared to the Locator. We will discuss more about the locator in the next section.

Another way through which you can find the location of the UPS store is by using UPS store locator. This locator is given on the UPS store’s official site. This UPS store locator shows your location of the store on the map for the area you have queried for, so this is very easy to use and you can get it directly at the UPS store official site.

Find UPS Store/Access Point Near me by Using UPS Locator

The main advantage of using this is that the information you will get on this store locator will be authenticated by the UPS itself, there will be very little chance that you will get the wrong information regarding the store location as well as other details. Another advantage is that whenever you have doubt for this information then you can directly contact on the store number or you can also contact Ups customer service number. You can use this locator for finding the nearest location of the ups store. Follow the below-given steps:

1: Go to the UPS store’s official site. Click on this link to go directly from here.

2: Click on the link showing ‘My store’.  You will be redirected to the UPS store locator. You can refer the below image.

UPS store near me, UPS store locator

3: First of all, select the one option from the ‘location’ and ‘store number’ here.

4: If you want the UPS store for some particular location, then mention the location in the text box given.

5: The person know the store number or want the information for a particular UPS store then select this option and mention the store number in the text box given

6: Apart from this there are two filter options are also available which you can get by clicking on the ‘Filter option’ The following will be shown as given in the below image.

UPS store near me, UPS store locator

Select any of these options if you want to know the stores open on Sunday or Saturday else leave these options as it is.

7: After filling all the information, enter to continue.

UPS Store on Map

The map shown in right side will show the entire nearest Ups store location. You can refer the image given below:

UPS store near me, UPS store locator

The above is sample image showing search result for the location Anchorage, AK, USA. You can see in map that locations are labeled with numbers 1, 2, 3 …. Etc. and the store information is shown on the left side of the page, You can get the Hours as well as direction to that store by clicking on the option ‘Hours & Directions’ given below each store information. You can refer below image

UPS store near me, UPS store locator

The other information you will get about the store is that particular store full address, store website. You can also schedule an appointment with the store online or print online also. So that will make work easy for you as you time will save from going to UPS store for some of the work. You can also save any store as your store to find it directly next time this option is given below each of the Store information.

UPS Store address

Another way to find the information is by clicking the store numbers on the map and the information will pop up in a window on the map. You can refer below image.

UPS store near me, UPS store locator

These are the step through which you can find UPS store location near to you by using UPS locator. This locator not only help you to find location but you will get the full address as well as contact number and That particular store website link. If this is not what you are searching for then read our another article on UPS near me.

After knowing the store location of UPS, you will need to know the timings of the store so that you will not reach the store after closing or before opening time, that why we are providing the UPS store hours so that it will be easy for you to select which time you want to go the store.

UPS Store Hours❤️

UPS store is spread in basically US and Canada and people are happy with their service. But most of the time everyone is confused about the UPS store hours related information like what is the UPS store opening and closing time, holiday hours or delivery hours. And some time due to wrong information people face difficulty and feel frustrated when their urgent parcels are not delivered on time. If these situations similar to yours then you should continue to read further.

To avoid this situation, you should know the ways through which you can find the store hours of the UPS. There are many ways through which you can find the hours and timings of closest ups store like using UPS store locator, Google map or using the app. We have discussed the step by step procedure to find the location as well as working hours of the UPS store using Locator. So there is no need to discuss it again. If you missed it then please read the steps again to know the procedure. The Ups Store are generally closed on Sunday and on the other week day their general opening time is 9 am and general closing time is 7 pm but this time may vary for some stores as the store can be closed early or open late due to some reasons.

Another way is by using Google map. Go to the and write UPS store locations in the search box and enter, it will show you the result select the desired store and click on it to know the working hours of each store. Another way to find the UPS holiday is to find using the UPS mobile app just download the app and find the full information of any store including working hours.

UPS Holidays

The delivery hours of the UPS store depends on the store location as each store may have different hours. So you should confirm the store before by contacting them via phone or mail. They will tell you the exact store hours for their store.

The UPS store closes on very fewer days but it provides holidays on all the main festivals and occasions. The days on which UPS do not pick up the package or deliver the parcel are given below:

  • New Year’s Day.
  • Christmas Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day.
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

The days other than the above mentioned days, the UPS provide its delivery services. The local holidays may vary for stores to store depending on the location of the store. So you should call your ups store near me now to find the exact information regarding the UPS hours.

If this is not what you are searching for then you can also reason of our article on UPS hours which include all the information regarding UPS business hours as well as delivery hours.

We discuss how we can find the UPS hours and provided the day on which UPS store is closed and does not deliver or pick up the packages. Now let’s find out more about the UPS store. In the next section, we will give the introduction of the UPS store and some facts related to them.

The UPS store- Trivia and Facts

The UPS store was founded on 7 April 1966 as the Mail Boxes Etc. and was rebranded as The UPS Store in 2003. The founders of the store were Claude Ryan and James Casey. At the starting time, people know this company as the American Messenger Company. When it is started it only delivers in the neighborhood one at a time and now it has more than 2k+ stores in the USA. While its headquarter is in Atlanta, GA, United States, UPS is considering as the largest brand spread all over the world.they designed their logo when they become recognized as the major brand.

UPS History

It is awarded by city business with the American Brand Excellence Award in the retail category. It not only provide good services only but also keeps check of their customer needs also. Hence that’s why it provides many services like the mobile app, UPS store locator, customer service etc.  With the help of these methods, the customer can contact the UPS easily and keep the track of their order etc. These are some of the benefits of using the UPS store, there are also some facts related to the store which I am going to discuss with you:

The UPS stores are called as the UPS brand but they are mostly run by the private owner as the franchise.

These stores were limited to some areas like commercial complexes but now they are opened in various places like school, hospitals, shopping malls, stations etc. which make UPS Drop-off become available for more people.

UPS value their customers as well as their employees that’s why they provide a special jacket and a badge to their drivers who have no record of the accident in the 25 years of their driving career. The Kentucky derby winner racehorse is named after the UPS as ‘Big Brown’.

The large UPS freight trucks used for the delivery purpose are called by their nickname ‘feeder’ while the smaller ones are called as the ‘pups’. The biggest freight truck is known as the ‘rail’.

The benefit of Nearest UPS Store

Every delivers the company has to get the ‘common carriers’ rights to deliver the parcels. Without this, any parcel company is not allowed to deliver. UPS had this since the 1940s and is allowed to deliver anywhere since then.

There are many competitor companies with UPS like FedEx, USPS etc. But FedEx is the biggest one from the time when FEDEX launched its ground service.

UPS supports its franchisees by providing finance to qualified buyers by their program. It gives tips and strategies for business owners. That is why UPS is known as no 1 franchise postal service in the USA.

UPS Drop-off also provides passport application service so if you ‘re in need of passport then you can also get the passport from the UPS also, you only need to provide your picture and guess what? They will prepare the passport and hand over to you.

UPS Facilites:

UPS store also has the facility of keeping any document safe. So if you have any important document which needs to keep with care. Then you can choose the UPS facility to keep them safe.

The Ups Drop-off also provide notarize a large number of documents like Affidavits, Wills, etc. You only need the driving license or any other photo ID to get your notarized document.

The UPS allows you to use their fax machine or computer or printer at their store according to your need. So if you ever in need of sending important fax or want to print any document or anything that needs to be notarized. Also, you can scan any document there or can use their computer to check emails in an emergency. So this is the best thing about UPS that I love because sometimes when you need all these services. You have to go for searching shop providing printing scanning service. But while using UPS store service you will get all the things at one place.

Like in UPS, you can also track your package delivered from UPS. You have to know only the Tracking number for your ordered parcel. Then go to the UPS Drop-off official site and input this number in the search bar labeled as track a package.

UPS Access Point Near Me

If you are stuck in preparing the presentation for your office meeting or for your client or for the other business purpose. Then do not worry because UPS also provides a facility where they have the expert in graphic designing. It can help you to make an amazing presentation according to your need and purpose. So never waste any of the opportunities to get best in your life. That’s why find the closest ups store to me and get your presentation ready in less time and impress with the work.

Apart from the good thing, there was an incident in one of UPS store where a bomb in a package was exploded and killed one person while many others are injured. That case is not still solved and closed.

We have discussed many facts and little-known things about the UPS here. Hope this will help you in considering UPS store next time while you are need of some of the above-mentioned services. Apart from this, you should also know the social media pages of the UPS store to get the latest update or new announcement related to any service or product or any store location. We are discussing some of the social media contacts in the next section. Go to the link provided and get in touch with the store soon. Let’s discuss social media contacts:

Social Media Contacts to find nearest UPS Store

UPS Drop-off always try to provide best customer services so that customers experience towards their will be the best. Social media is the place where most of the people crowd can be found. Nowadays, people gives reviews about the different services and products through social media only.

That’s why Ups also has an account on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. As it is the easy and best way to connect with the user of the UPS. Another advantage of having social media is that Ups can update their information. UPS can make the new announcement through social media. And most of the people using social media so information will be easily spread.

The advantage for the customer is that they can know the new updates about UPS right on their mobile. Whether it is the news of new store opening or new service lunch. All you can easily get from the social media accounts of the UPS. UPS has a full team that is working on the UPS social media accounts. So if you are the customer if the UPS and still not connected with them. Then we are providing the link to the different social media pages of UPS below. You can click on the link to directly go to the page.

UPS on Social Media

The links we are proving here is the general UPS Drop-off site links. There are also social media accounts for different store locations. So you can also connect with them also to get updates related to any particular location or city or country. Let’s have a look:

Facebook page link: Facebook page for UPS Drop-off

Twitter Page link: Twitter page for UPS Drop-off

Pinterest page link: Pinterest page of UPS

UPS Store official site link: UPS Drop-off

UPS store locator link: UPS Drop-off locator

UPS Instagram link: Instagram page for UPS Drop-off

Apart from above mentioned social media, there are also more ways through which you can contact UPS.  If you want to connect with the UPS. You can contact the UPS customer service also to get more information related to this. If you have any suggestions or any questions related to the UPS store service or product. You can give suggestions related to it on these pages of the UPS.  SO use these methods to easily get to the UPS anytime. If this is not what you are searching for then read our more articles:

UPS store is mainly spread in USA and Canada and provide services through many locations as well as the franchise. This article has given you information on how to find the UPS near me easily. First of all, we have discussed various locations of the US store. Then we have provided a map that automatically detects the location shows you the result. The second method we have discussed for finding UPS Drop-off location is by using the store locator.

How to find pickup near you and UPS shipping

The store locator takes the location as the input and shows the search result for the input locations. Both methods have their advantages as in the first one you don’t need to enter the location. The second one is provided by the UPS only so the chances of getting any wrong information are very less. Apart from this we have also discussed the ways to find the Ups Drop-off hours. We have also provided the holidays on which UPS doesn’t provide the services.

There are also some social media as well as some important links related to the UPS Drop-off is share. By clicking on these links you can directly access the social media page of the UPS. You can use these pages to get the latest updates of the UPS. As well as reviewing any product or service and giving any suggestion is easy through these pages on social media account. Apart from this, you can also use the UPS tracking service of the UPS to track the package.

Hope this information is useful to you and you have got what you were looking for. If you loved our post then please do share this article with your friends and family members. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the post. Then you can contact us in the comment box below. Read our other articles and visit our site soon as we update it on a regular basis.

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