UPS Coronavirus Working Hours [Lockdown]

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UPS is one of the governments Critical Infrastructure. So, UPS is providing their services in this Covid-19 crisis. We take care of our customers, employees’ health and safety so we are providing all the health support to our workers.

UPS Working Hours During Coronavirus:

UPS online service is available in all the regions expect the prohibited regions by government. UPS is providing their online services during all working days expect holidays mentioned on our official website “HOLIDAY SCHEDULE”.  UPS works from 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. during week days i.e. Monday to Friday. These working hours are not same for all states, UPS working hours has been reduced in some states due to coronavirus. Their customers can track their delivery product from shipping tracking page. Weekend delivery is also available but UPS can’t provide exact detail for ground product delivery.

UPS is continued with their tracking services on all the locations where permitted. For more queries you can contact to the local UPS service providers.

UPS Coronavirus Working Hours [Lockdown]

UPS Service Guarantee Suspension:

UPS have suspended their service Guarantee for the shipments.  However, they are providing shipping service on time or during given schedule. We care about our customers, employees, suppliers to meet deadlines and our commitments. Proper compliance related to containment of Coronavirus as per government regulations. Guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization) is provided to our staff so that they become aware about Corona virus effects and take proper safety measure to save themselves from this infectious disease and contribute in saving society from getting infected. Proper hygiene, sanitization, we are applying so that we can continue with our services.

Users can track their product delivery from the official website. Users can sign up on “UPS MY CHOICE” to get better results of your product tracking.

Most of the work has been affected due to Covid-19. So, we are providing all the safety measures and available for the online assistance of our clients so that they can get their parcels on time.

In this critical situation, we all need to put extra preventions as a little bit of carelessness can affect the infrastructure of our work and services. It’s our duty to aware our employees with WHO guidelines and safety measures so that all the work run smoothly.

If there occur any changes in the delivery dates on particular location or any changes in our working hour schedule we will update you or you can contact to the local UPS service providers. As on different locations situations can vary and can affect the availability during UPS working hours.  So it is advised to contact on our customer care service providers if you are not able to get information about your parcel tracking.


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