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UPS is the fastest growing package delivery company having more than 7.2 million customers around the world and it delivers more than 15 million packages per day with best services but sometimes customers have some queries, doubts, and complaints regarding their packages so for that UPS Customer Centre are located all over the world to resolve all the problems related to the UPS services like Tracking, post boxes, vacation hold, UPS My Choice, change of address etc. You can easily contact them by using the different contact methods mentioned in this post.

If you looking for ways to contact UPS customer care then you are at the right place. Here you will get different UPS Customer Care contact methods for specific request and services, tracking information or any other type of help. First of all, let’s discuss various customer service number’s details:

UPS Customer Service Numbers

If you need fast reply about some issues or complain or services you can contact on 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPSŽ) then a ups customer service representative will solve your query.   Follow these steps get to a UPS customer service representative fast:

  1. Dial 1-800-742-5877. Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service
  2. When the system starts asking you questions, press “0”.
  3. Once it starts asking again, press “0” again.
  4. That’s all. No prompts or dozens of questions, just two little buttons.
  5. You should now be transferred to customer service. 

Some tips and shortcuts to talk UPS customer service representative easily:

There are also some Phone center shortcuts that you should know before calling on this domestic customer service number and those shortcuts  are given below:-

  1. If you want to know about your shipment or you have tracking related questions or want information on the lost or damaged package then call pre-provided number. Upon successful connection, say “Tracking” and tell them tracking number of your package and listen to the next instruction carefully.
  2. If you want to track through UPS InfoNotice then call on the pre-provided service number and Upon successful connection say “Tracking” and tell your UPS InfoNotice number and listen for the further instructions. This number can be used for making the request for change Delivery address and scheduling package’s future delivery date and you can also request for Hold for Pickup as well. You can also make the call for returning back to the sender.
  3. If you need to send a package or schedule a Pickup or you need rate details and you want to ask all this through call then call on UPS customer service phone number and say “Send a Package” and wait for the further instruction and listen to them carefully. You can also collect information about time taken in transit a package or UPS locations or international shipping details through this shortcut method
  4. Lastly, if you need to place order supplies or need assistance regarding previous order on the phone then you can call on the above-given number and say “Order supplies” and follow the instructions on the call carefully.

Note: For hearing impaired, telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) or Teletypewriter (TTY) number is 1-800-833-0056.  For UPS trade management services there are two numbers, 800-782-7892 for International Import and Export Services and 800-742-5727 for UPS Supply Chain Solutions.

Contact UPS Freight customer service Numbers

If you have a query regarding the UPS Freight services, you can contact to following numbers:

  • For truckload- 800-333-7400, 888-682-4652
  • For Air Freight-  800-443-6379 and
  • For Ocean Freight- 800-350-8440

Whether you have the question about shipping services etc or need an urgent support in case of emergency, you can call UPS Customer Service number any time as it provides 24/7 customer service so that they can help you through every step.

UPS Customer Service Email Address

If you have the question or query for which you don’t want quick responses or may be you are not unable to call then instead of using phone number you can mail them also about your query in detail, just go to UPS official site and find the Contact UPS option you will get email in the contacts detail.

Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service

Clicking on the email button which you will get a window like this given below in the picture.

Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service


Fill all the details and click next and a new window will open. You can refer below image.

Note: Fields which are indicated with * mark are required field and You can not select the Support topic without selecting the support category so always select the Support category first.

Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service

You will need to fill some more details about your telephone number, country name, tracking Number before mentioning your query or question in the comment box. After filling all the required fields, click the send button and after that, you will get a confirmation message that your response is received. You should get the reply within 24 hours by UPS email. This method is very useful when are not able to talk on call urgently.

UPS international customer service

 If you want to contact UPS when you are outside the USA then follow the below mention procedure to find the full detail contact for the country you are right now. You will get contact UPS option on the official site and after clicking you will get a new window showing three option. You can refer the image given below.

Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service

Now, select the option indicated in the image with the arrow, A window will be open with a list of the regions where ups services are provided as shown in the image below.

Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service

Select the region where you want to know the UPS office contacts, this will show you a list of contacts in that particular region.

Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service

Above Image is is only for reference showing the UPS services in Asia region.

Select the desired option from the country and you will get the full detail of the country’s UPS services Detail.

Note: You can also go to the home page of the UPS site of all the country and also you can see the county site in different language also.

Now you will have all the UPS offices detail information so you can contact them in the case of any query or emergency.

UPS customer service complaints

UPS complaint number: You can call on this following number for making general complaint 1-800-742-5877. The customer service hours for making a general complaint using the phone is not fixed because this service is 24/7 available for you.

Contact UPS Local Postmaster: If you have any local complaint or general delivery problem which can be solved by the local UPS office then you can visit your postmaster at your nearby post office and tell them about your problem. If you don’t know local UPS office is then you can locate it at the UPS Location. You can use the tool to find the nearest post office by following these steps:

  1. Go to official website.
  2. Click on the “Location” from the main menu.
  3. A new page will be open like shown in below image. Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service
  4. Write your location in the field provided or select the option “Use my current location”. See all the option and select the option with UPS customer center from the “location type” drop down menu.
  5. You can also refine more according to your preferences (optional).
  6. Click the search button and your all the result will be displayed. Select your suitable location from it and note down all the details of the office.

Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service

Above the image showing UPS offices near Anchorage city of USA.

File a Complaint Online: You can also file a complaint online,  for that use the customer service online form from the official site. You can also click here for the complaint form. When you will open the link you will see some field, fill them and submit your complaint by clicking the submit button. The field with the bold title is the required field to fill for submitting your form.

You can easily find all the details like address, working hours, days, contact number and the distance of your local post offices with the help of this tool. Visit your local post office to talk to the postmaster, he should solve your problem.

UPS Mail Fraud

If you have a doubt that you may have to receive a fake email from someone pretending to be UPS then you must immediately contact the UPS or you can forward the email to fraud@ups.com and then delete it from your email account, they will look into this.

Contact UPS, UPS Customer service number, UPS customer service

UPS also look into  any shipping charge irregularities you encounter and if its true then they take appropriate action, including removal of incorrectly assigned charges also But how and you should contact them in these case is discussed below:

  • If you recognize charges on your UPS invoice do not match to shipments you authorized, or if the charges match and authorized but look suspicious, then you should immediately contact them by emailing them at  fraud@ups.com and they will look into the matter and remove the unnecessary charges also. This is the UPS customer service email to report fraud cases.
  • If the uncertain charges are related to an Air or Ground Shipping Document, or if you do not use these documents then in this you can demand  UPS restrict the use of these documents with your account and you can request this restriction by contacting your account manager or you can also e-mail them at fraud@ups.com.

So in any of the above cases, you can file an online mail fraud complaint.

Some of the points to keep in mind to protect yourself from the risk of fraud while using UPS Customer Service:

  • You should never reply to e-mails, or open any Website links from any doubted source which is asking you to provide, verify, or update financial, personal, or other confidential info.
  • You must be aware of any doubtful e-mails or calls requesting for your UPS account information or requesting that you approve your UPS account info, you ought to never react to the mail or telephone bring in both the cases.
  •  You should always use trusted  Browser for opening UPS site.
  • You do not give your My UPS user ID and its password and make sure that you should change its password on a regular basis.
  • While setting your UPS account password, make sure that you are creating long passwords with the help of the combination of letters and numbers both.
  • You should always utilize up-to-date anti-virus and spyware detection programs.
  • You must equip your system with either hardware or software firewall.
  • You should not use or confidential information while using cybercafes, public libraries, other’s laptop or system etc.
  • While utilizing any wireless gadget, make certain to take after the manufacturer’s guidelines on building up the services and settings to guarantee a defensive level of security.

Other points to keep in mind to protect yourself from the risk of UPS reference number tracking fraud:

There are also growing report of UPS reference number tracking fraud and UPS is looking into this but there are also some ways you can also save yourself from getting trap in this type of frauds, so make sure you keep this thing in mind while using your account or before giving your sensitive information to anyone. Apart from the above points, here are some additional steps to help protect against reference number tracking fraud:

  • You should be aware of any suspicious messages or telephone calls requesting you to approve your tracking numbers with reference numbers.
  • Please make sure you don’t give tracking numbers to any unknown parties.
  • Create unique and long reference numbers with the help of combination of l numbers as well as letters.
  • If you detect any unusual behavior change reference numbers as soon as possible and to avoid this in future, change reference numbers regularly.

Being aware and protecting your sensitive information is the best way to avoid fraud.


Follow these points while using UPS Customer service:

  1. Make sure you are making a clear communication with the UPS customer service representative or when writing them mail, it will help them to understand your query or complaint easily and hence help them to give solution quickly.
  2. Always keep all the facts and information ready before filing the complaint.
  3. After submitting your complaint don’t forget to ask for the complaint number.
  4. Always use positive language while communicating with the UPS Employee.
  5. Be patient while waiting to give them enough time to solve your problem.

Here we have discussed some of the ways to contact UPS in the case of emergency or any problem related to the UPS services whether it is related to any online problem like tracking related queries, shipping rates etc or related to the offline problems like the change of address, late delivery etc. UPS has a growing number of customers and they got so many requests and query daily so it provides the full support to their customer related to any department or any service so that customer never left unsatisfied. Friends, before contacting UPS customer center make sure you identified your problem in details so this way while contacting you know before that your complaint belong to which department and this way you will save your time from communicating in the wrong department otherwise it will create unnecessary confusion for you as well for them also. So this is it, Try the UPS Customer services as they provide one of the best services. Hope you will also like it. If you have any query related to post or anything worth sharing, please contact us below.

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