USPS Holidays | USPS Service Holiday Schedule

USPS which stands for the United States Postal Service is the major government-owned postal service Company in the United States. USPS is known as the post office of the United States since it is owned by the government and due to that, it is obliged to deliver the packages or the emails covering all the […]

Does Canada Post Deliver on Saturday & Sunday Hours

Canada post which is also known as the Canada Post Corporation is the leading postal department in Canada and serving the entire County. The original name of the Canada post used to be the Royal mail Canada, which was founded by the Canadian government back in 1867. It was later changed to the Canada post Incorporation […]

 Does Australia Post Deliver on Saturday & Sunday Hours

Australia post is the division of the Australia Post Deliver on Saturday Incorporation, which formerly used to work under the same name of Australia Postal Incorporation. Australia post is basically the government-owned postal or the courier mail service department, which serves in the country of Australia. The head office of the Australia post is located […]

Does DHL Deliver on Sunday & Saturday Hours

DHL express is basically a German-based courier service which is the division of the Deutsche Post. DHL is known for its both domestic and the international courier packages, and the mail delivering services. DHL is the unit of the Deutsche which is known as the world’s largest logistics company in the sea and the air […]

Does FedEx delivers on Sunday?

FedEx is also known as Federal Express, it is an American multinational corporation known for the courier delivery at both domestic and international level. FedEx delivers the package or parcel of the customers to the destination location with help of different means of transport. The FedEx was first started on 2 October 1997 and it […]

Does USPS delivers on Sunday ?

USPS or united states parcel service is also being known as the post office, US mail or postal service of United States. USPS is the agency of the federal government of United States which is an independent agency. It is a government agency and the oldest package delivery service which is being provided in the […]

Amazon Sunday Delivery Hours

Amazon UPS: The Amazon company was founded by Jeff Bezos on 5 July in 1994. The company was get started just as an online bookstore and it was accessing the books at wholesale. At that time in a very less time the Amazon becomes the largest online bookselling stores and gets expanded with the passage […]

UPS Holiday Schedule for 2018

Get the UPS Holiday Schedule 2018 here. You will also get the services they provide on the holidays. UPS has more than 4 lakh staff which includes 362,000 inside the US and about 88000 in other countries. The staff consists of the package handlers, UPS drivers, clerks etc. UPS delivered more than 15 million packages per […]