Did You Know USPS Delivers on Sunday? ????

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If you are a USPS customer, you may have ever wondered whether USPS delivers on Sunday or not at some stage. Well, the answer is yes and we will discuss more details in this post.



Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

The answer to your question is yes, USPS delivers on Sunday, but there is an exception that the packages which come under the priority mail express service of USPS or which are the Amazon package only get delivered on Sunday by USPS. Any other normal mail or item is not delivered on Sunday by USPS. The priority mail express is the service which is provided by USPS for the fastest delivery of your package and this service is only available in the domestic region.

This service is available throughout the whole year on all days except the national holidays or government holidays. Also, this service takes around 1-2 days for the delivery of your package and also comes with the guaranteed money back if delivery fails or does not attempt on time. Although Sunday is not a working day, USPS does not charge the high rate as other companies do for the delivery on Sunday. They provide this service at low rates or you can also use the facility of Amazon delivery for your product. So, this becomes the main reason for the customers to use USPS for delivering their packages at the correct time with complete trust. USPS provides you with the best promises and features of delivery even with the low delivery charges. On the other hand, any other courier company do not provide this service or in the case when they provide it, then they charge too much amount or delivery charges.


USPS Sunday Delivery Hours

Now, the next new thing that has been recently covered under USPS is Amazon packages which are also delivered on Sunday by USPS itself. This service of delivery of Amazon packages was started in November 2013 with their mutual agreement. Even though now the USPS also delivers the packages of Priority mail express and Amazon packages even on the postal holidays as they did not do before. All of the customers who ordered from Amazon can get the delivery on Sunday but that depends on the time of placement of the order but the Amazon prime customers are more prior to getting the delivery on a correct time that is if they ordered any item even on late night of Friday then they can get the delivery of their package on Sunday by USPS.


USPS Sunday Office Hours

Many of the customers thought that as the USPS delivers on Sunday then they also open their office even on Sundays but the answer to this is No. USPS does not open their offices on Sundays. You are unable to do any work in the post office. With that said, you can drop your package in the mailbox or the post box which is situated outside the USPS office. Alternatively, you can also drop your package or mail in the drop slot of the post office as many of the offices provide this facility to its customers. If you wanted to calculate the weight and shipping price by yourself then you can check that on the weighing machine which is provided in the post office itself for your convenience. In some of the metropolitan or big cities in the particular area, some post offices also get open even on Sunday but most of them remain closed. As USPS does not have any specific or particular time for the delivery of their package on Sunday or when does the assignment reach the destination as the time of delivery of the package depends on various things like the volume of the mailing item, the location of the delivery or the address of the receiver.


Does USPS Pickup Mail on Sunday?

The short answer is No.  Having said that, you can pick up your mail only on the weekend if you live within the United States and the day that you want to pick it up is Saturday. Also, USPS cannot pick up packages for delivery on Sunday (Sunday is a federal holiday).



USPS or united states parcel service is also known as the post office, US mail or postal service of the United States. USPS is the agency of the federal government of the United States which is an independent agency. It is a government agency and the oldest package delivery service which is being provided in the United States with a large number of workers. It also provides employment to more than 61,700 people in the United States.


Why Choose USPS?

The USPS provides its delivery services at a very low rate although its delivery service is slow, it is totally reliable and trustworthy. Sometimes we need to deliver a very important package urgently, but as we know that there are many courier companies which do not work on weekdays, in that case, it really becomes very difficult to deliver our package. As there are lots of ways and methods by which you can send your mails, documents or anything even online without spending any money or wasting time but still in case of the important documents, people believe on the postal services.


The Background of This Post

From being online they mostly prefer to send their package, document or mail items by using the postal services and in the United States, USPS is the well known postal service that is more reliable and easy to use with lots of facilities and features. If you have to deliver any urgent package on weekend even on Sundays, then you might be thinking about which courier service should you use. As we told you that USPS is a trustworthy and mostly used courier service for a long time now and the big question arises whether USPS also delivers on Sunday or not. That’s why we have solved this query and given you the answer to the question of whether USPS delivers on Sunday your package or not.


In Conclusion

So we hope that you’ve got your answer to the question. Now we have concluded that USPS only delivers the Amazon packages or the packages that come under the Priority mail express service of USPS and the other normal mails only get delivered on working days. Hope after reading this article, you will get your answer and do not need to search anymore as we have tried to solve all of your queries. If you still have any doubts or questions in your mind, then you are free to ask us and we will be happy in helping you and try our best in solving your query. If you would like to know about UPS Sunday delivery, please feel free to read this article.

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