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Does UPS deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

Are you searching the UPS delivery on Saturday and Sunday? Then I want to tell you that here we are going to discuss the delivery hours of the UPS for Saturday as well as Sunday. UPS has more than 1 thousand drivers who deliver more than 1 million packages per day all over the world, so you can imagine that how famous is UPS parcel service all over the world and how rapidly UPS is delivering to their customers day and night but most of the time, UPS customers are confused about the UPS opening hours, closing hours, delivery hours as well as holidays of the UPS. That why we have decided to write a post on these separately. You can get the UPS hours and holiday list from these links: UPS opening hours, UPS closing hours, UPS holidays schedule 2017. In this post, we are going to cover the delivery hours of UPS on Sunday and Saturday.

We can see that world is moving towards the digital world as a result of it you can find all the things in the world. The SMS and WhatsApp have taken the place of regular mailing system but still mail is used for delivering many type items and that’s why it is not less popular among the people. UPS being the best parcel delivery company is the great example of regular mail delivery service. In today’s busy world, most of the people are stuck in Monday to Friday jobs and that’s why they try to complete all of their work on weekends and that”s why they also want to find which parcel delivery service also deliver on weekends? If you are also working person and regular customer of the UPS then someday you would have thought that “does UPS deliver on weekends?“. You are not alone, there are many people who want to know the answer to this question. Here I will be answering all your questions related to Saturday and Sunday delivery hours. Many people are asking this question from a long time, now in today’s post, I am going to answer this question as well as explain the every doubt in your mind related to the delivery hours of the United States parcel service (UPS).

There are many other organisations and services are available around the world who provide courier facilities and through which you can send and receive your courier anywhere in the world but If you have used UPS services or asked about the best parcel service to anyone then you would have known or they must have told you that UPS not only provide courier delivery service but also best customer service and that’s why it is the preferred by most of the people for mail delivery service. UPS always try to give every facility and service to their customers and that’s why it is trusted by the people of united states. Get all the information on UPS delivery days and timings right here in this post.

Here we will discuss the UPS delivery hours. Before that Let me discuss whether the UPS deliver on Saturday or Sunday. Let’s have a look:

Does UPS deliver on Saturday?

Here I will answer your question regarding UPS Sunday hours. Sometimes it happens people forgot to send their package through UPS on weekdays and package is an urgent package which should be delivered as soon as possible then they want to know whether UPS deliver on Saturday or not so that they can deliver the package on weekends. If you are also a person who is working on weekdays and doesn’t have time during whole weekdays then it must be difficult for you to get time to deliver your package through UPS. Don’t worry because UPS has a service named UPS Express Critical Service. You can deliver your package through UPS using this service. UPS express critical service is the Urgent. service providing facility which helps to deliver critical shipments on time.

UPS Express Critical service days and timings

UPS Express Critical service is the Urgent transportation service of the UPS which is basically available for time sensitive shipment. This service to available for all types of packages from light weight to heavy weight packages. UPS has the separate official website for this service so that people can directly contact for this service on the website. They have a team of expert who can access any critical situation quickly and find the possible solution and transportation alternatives for the package. After that, the delivery solution is implemented by the UPS express critical team of expert to deliver the package within the committed period of time and cost. Apart from this, after delivering the package at the Nearest UPS store, you can track your package when it is moving inside the UPS network. All other extra feature is also available like extra handle or care or equipment needed for the sensitive package. Temperature sensitive shipments are taken care wisely like temperature controlled vehicles are used for these type of packages. Hazardous as well as oversized or over weight shipments are also tackled through this service.

This service also allows drop off as well as pick facility within the time and low cost. UPS express critical arranges the urgent vehicles or transportation and other requirements according to the shipment’s delivery requirements as well as optimise the transportation routes to minimize the delivery time and the cost of package delivery without compromising the quality of services UPS provide with other services.

If you want to know the What time does UPS deliver on Saturday: UPS Saturday hours 

I think I have answered your question that did UPS deliver on sat and if yes what is the criteria and requirements. Now we are going to discuss another most asked question about UPS and I am going to answer the question under next heading.

Does UPS deliver on Sunday?

Now, this is also the most asked question by people who are the customer of the UPS service. Why does anyone need to know the UPS Sunday hours? There may be any reason possible and anyone can use this service whether he is working Saturday also and the only time they get is on Sunday or whether anyone got the urgent requirement of parcel delivery on Sunday. As I told you earlier that UPS has a service named UPS express critical which provide time-sensitive urgent courier delivery on all the seven days and 24 hours a day. This 24X7 service does not compromise with the quality of service while delivering the urgent packages and includes the air, surface, charter, hand carry, international, secure, inside precision and other value-added services. UPS express critical service has its own customer support, barcode label printing options. You can print the barcode label from he UPS express critical site and in case of any enquiry or problem, contact the customer care directly.

This service is available for all 24 hours a day and handle the critical freight shipments through UPS network. For more details, you can contact them at email id- or you can call their team of expert or customer care representative at number 1-800-714-8779 in USA and Canada otherwise call on 1-913-693-6205 if you are from outside the US and ask any question regarding UPS Sunday and Saturday hours. Also, one more number is available separately .i.e. 001-800-479-2018 for the Mexico. The official site of the UPS express critical is : To use UPS express service, you will need to signup first if you are not already registered with it other wise you can just go to the site and site in to continue using the service.

UPS drop off, ups drop off locations

A few days back, one of my colleague needed to deliver a package urgently on Monday. He is the regular user of the UPS but he asked me to tell him some parcel service who can help him deliver his package on the weekend so that it can reach on Monday. I suggested him to use the UPS express critical service which will accept the package on Saturday and Sunday as well as commit to delivering his time constraint package on Monday. He didn’t know about this service although he is a regular customer. This made me to decide to post an article on UPS hours Saturday and Sunday on this blog.  Now you know the answer of the question i.e. Does ups run on Sundays. 

If you want to know the ways to find the UPS hours then you can refer our article on UPS hours. This article has detail information on UPS opening, closing and delivery hours and different ways to find UPS hours near you are also discussed in detail. I hope this article was helpful to you. We update our site with UPS latest information as well as news, so keep visiting our site on regular for updates. If you have any query which is unanswered here, you can write to us about it and we will surely provide the solution on this site only.

Final word:


You have just read the post on UPS delivery hrs on Sunday and Saturday. UPS was established in by James E. Casey. That time he was only 19 year old businessmen, he found the problems of the people for parcel delivery and established an American messenger company which can solve all the issues faced by others at the time of courier delivery. UPS and its services were not used by a large number of people but with time, its services are recognised by people and now at the current time everyone knows how famous is UPS services. This doesn’t happen in one day, it became possible due to the UPS satisfactory services like UPS pickup, UPS drop-off, UPS tracking, UPS locator etc. At the beginning, UPS doesn’t deliver on the Sunday and Saturday but in recent years, UPS team has made many changes that have even benefited the people from all over the world Who are using UPS delivery service. UPS is not only in the delivery business it also provides various products which you can directly order from the site.

All the UPS services are not beneficial for everybody that why UPS lunches any service while focusing on the core problem and this is the main reason why its services become famous. The UPS Saturday and Sunday delivery is started keeping in mind people who have Monday to Friday job. If you are also a Monday to Friday workers, you can use this service of UPS in future. Let me tell you UPS delivery service is not available for all types of packages right now so you should find out is this UPS weekend parcel delivery service is available for your package or not. Now you know that what time does UPS deliver packages and I hope it will be easy for you to find the UPS urgent delivery services.

If you have more question or query in your mind then you can contact us in the comment box below, we reply as soon as possible. You can read our more articles on UPS customer serviceUPS shipping services. I hope you liked our article and it will be useful to you. If you feel so, you can share this with your friends and family. If you have any idea or suggestion regarding the UPS hours today, you can also share it with us. Thanks for reading our post.