How Much Does UPS Shipping Cost? (Full Guide 2023)

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UPS is one of the most popular carriers in the United States, but how much does UPS shipping cost? The cost of UPS shipping depends on several factors, such as the weight and size of your package, its destination, and the type of service you select. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of how much UPS shipping costs and the factors that determine the shipping cost. So, whether you’re a business owner or an individual who frequently sends packages, this post will provide valuable insights into the cost of shipping with UPS.

how much does ups shipping cost

How much does UPS shipping cost?

As mentioned, the shipping cost with UPS depends on various factors such as package weight and size, destination, shipping speed, and shipping zone. There are 3 different rates that UPS provide: Daily rates, retail rates, and domestic flat rates. Daily rates are for those who have a scheduled pickup through UPS whereas if you want to ship from a UPS location like The UPS Store, retail rates will apply. On the other hand, you can ship anywhere within the US and choose the flat rate and shipping speed with UPS Simple Rate. Here’s a handy guide to UPS shipping costs for a 1lbs package:

Type of ServiceDaily RatesRetail RatesUPS Simple Rates
UPS Next Day Air Early$67.44 - $136.72$65.00 - $129.30n/a
UPS Next Day Air$37.44 - $106.79$35.00 - $102.51n/a
UPS Next Day Air Saver$34.22 - $86.29$31.71 - $79.14$29.40 - $81.40
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.$24.95 - $45.11$23.64 - $39.68n/a
UPS 2nd Day Air$22.82 - $66.79$21.64 - $65.62$20.05 - $70.60
UPS 3 Day Select$14.59 - $33.33$13.66 - $28.18$17.70 - $51.50
UPS Ground$10.10 - $47.96$11.76 - $61.37$10.20 - $26.05

As you can see, the shipping costs vary according to the service level and the zone where the package is shipped from and where it is delivered. You can download the zone charts to check here. Additionally, if you have a package that you need to send, you can calculate the UPS shipping cost here. We hope you’ve got an idea of how much UPS charges to send a package by now.


Type of ServiceUPS Simple RateUSPS Flat Rate BoxExpected Delivery Day
UPS Next Day Air Saver$53.65n/aby end of next day
UPS 2nd Day Air$39.15n/aby end of 2nd day
USPS Priority Mailn/a$17.10by end of 3rd day
UPS 3Day Select$29.75n/aby end of 3rd day
UPS Ground$18.15n/aby end of 4th day
Another example here is a large box of 12 x 12 x 5 inches with 5 lbs residential delivery from L.A. to London, UK:
Type of ServiceUPS Shipping CostUSPS Shipping CostEstimated Delivery Day
UPS Worldwide Express Plus$332.97n/aby 9am on 2nd day
UPS Worldwide Express$284.57n/aby midday on 2nd day
UPS Worldwide Saver$281.09n/aby end of 2nd day
UPS Worldwide Expedited$270.05n/aby end of 4th day
USPS Global Express Guaranteedn/a$144.90by next to 3rd day
USPS Priority Mail Express Internationaln/a$97.80by 3rd to 5th day
USPS Priority Mail Internationaln/a$83.95by 6th to 10th day
USPS Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Boxn/a$98.95by 6th to 10th day
Therefore, if you want your package to be delivered with less shipping cost, USPS would be a better option.


Which is cheaper FedEx or UPS?

Here’s an example of FedEx shipping costs using the same conditions as above (the large box from L.A. to N.Y. and to London respectively):
Type of ServiceFedEx Shipping CostEstimated Delivery DateType of ServiceFedEx Shipping CostEstimated Delivery Date
FedEx First Overnight$224.62by 8am on next dayFedEx International First$345.26by 9am on 2nd day
FedEx Priority Overnight$188.35by midday on next dayFedEx International Priority Express$297.36by midday on 2nd day
FedEx Standard Overnight$169.45by 8pm on next dayFedEx International Priority$284.06by 6pm on 2nd day
FedEx 2Day AM$115.61by midday on 2nd dayFedEx International Economy$261.77by 6pm on 7th day
FedEx 2Day$97.96by 8pm on 2nd day
FedEx Express Saver$88.45by 8pm on 3rd day
FedEx Home Delivery$24.64by end on 4th day
Although FedEx has more service types for domestic shipping, UPS offers cheaper shipping rates both domestically and internationally if you select a similar level of service. If you don’t mind taking time for delivery but want the cheapest option for international shipping, then FedEx International Economy would be your best option. More on this article, “Is FedEx cheaper than UPS?”


Final Thoughts

So, how much does UPS shipping cost? It can depend on the size and weight of the package being shipped, as well as the type of service chosen. In general, ground shipments usually cost less than express services, though air shipments tend to be more expensive. For a more accurate estimate, it’s best to use the UPS site or contact a local UPS store to get an exact quote. In addition, it’s important to consider all factors before selecting a shipping method to ensure you receive the most cost-effective solution for your needs. If you want to know more about UPS shipping time and cost, we highly recommend reading our article on “How to calculate time and cost with UPS shipping calculator.

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