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If you have a large package for delivery, you may want to leave a note for the UPS driver on the door or in the mailbox for delivery instructions.


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Can I leave a note on the door for UPS delivery instructions?

The answer is yes, you can leave a note for UPS concerning the various aspects such as you might not be available on a particular day to receive your delivery of the package, you may cancel the order by a way of note, you may want to receive your package at some other place or many such other changes. It may happen for various reasons and with all of us.

You can leave a note for UPS to bring such changes to your package. However, some of these changes are available at a payment of certain fees.


How to leave delivery instructions for UPS

UPS My Choice® allows you to provide your home delivery instructions. Options might embody authorizing cargo to unharness, adding a security code, and choosing wherever to leave packages. For instance, “Leave this package by my residence at the front porch” or “If I am not there to sign for the package, please leave it at the front porch”. As a reminder, if nobody is at the delivery location at the time and a signature is not needed, UPS tends to try and leave the package in a very secure location. Your driver can indicate wherever the package is left on the Tracking Details page.


What if I miss my delivery from UPS?

We understand that this is a common concern that can arise. We are happy to help you out with this. If you are worried about missing your delivery, just please be sure you provide UPS with a physical address that will be staffed during business hours. This way, if UPS can’t deliver your package during the time when they usually deliver, they will leave a note on your door and take it back to the UPS depot for pickup.


Final Words

It is definitely worth leaving delivery instructions to the UPS driver in order to receive your package safely. By doing this, both you and UPS will save time from the unexplained reasons as to why you were not able to receive the package or any such other reasons. It also allows you to make certain changes to your package.

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