What To Do If You Found A UPS Package Stolen

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Did you know that any package shipped in the UPS system can get insurance up to $ 100.00 for free (there are few exclusions such as documents or perishables)? UPS will be held liable for such loss. If the cost of the package is worth $100 or up to this amount, then UPS will compensate the person with the same amount and no additional amount over it in the names of anything. So, do not panic if you found your UPS package stolen.


What to do if you found a UPS package stolen

Once the worth of the package exceeds this limit of $100 and the loss happens, then you can claim UPS for the amount up to $50,000 for every such package that exceeds the cost of $100 with some other terms and conditions.


What UPS do with a UPS package stolen

When you book your package with UPS, the company takes the responsibility for that package in all means and situations unless the package is delivered to the recipient. In this situation, if any loss happens to the package with UPS such as theft or any other kind of loss, it results in the disposal of the package with UPS.

UPS will take the whole responsibility for any such loss, and would compensate the owner or the recipient of the package for the loss in accordance with the terms and conditions of UPS.

What happens if your package does not reach its destination or is damaged? You will want to get the UPS phone number for making a claim!


How to make a claim

If you are shipping with a UPS store, please contact the store and the staff will file a claim on your behalf. If you are shipping at a customer counter or an authorized shipping point, you may need to make a claim yourself. Call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) and speak to a representative to make a claim. Please provide the following information when calling the 800 number or your local UPS store (if provided by the store):

  • * Tracking Number (Most UPS tracking numbers start with the number “1” and the letter “Z” and are 18 characters long)
  • * Whether the content is missing or damaged
  • * The condition of the damaged item (e.g. broken, dented, scratched, bent, etc.)
  • * Can the damaged item be repaired or replaced?
  • * Value of damaged or missing items
  • * Phone number of the recipient 


What happens after making a claim

You will be instructed to contact the recipient and ask him to keep the contents of the packaging and the packaging materials for five working days. After the fifth working day, the recipient can keep or dispose of the damaged item. You must fax copies of the original invoices for these items, repair estimates, or replacement items to the UPS claims department. You can visit QVC.COM or HSN.COM or other suitable websites to find an agreement as close to the original item as possible, print this information and then fax it to the claims department.

UPS may decide to visit the consignee and verify that the shipment contains appropriate packaging materials and outer cartons. If the inspection finds that the item was improperly packaged or an unapproved shipping box was used, the claim will be rejected. Remember that all items packed in the UPS store location are properly packaged. If you don’t use enough packing materials to meet UPS standards and you just pack something on hand, then the few dollars you save could lead to insurance claims being denied.

In Conclusion

Therefore, the safest way to protect valuables in transit is to pack them at your local UPS store. Ask a packaging expert to carefully package your items so that you are fully insured in the event of an insurance claim. If you would like to know about making a claim with USPS, you can check this article.

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