How To Get a Free USPS Mail Service for Homeless People

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Did you know that the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a free mail service for homeless people? Well, you might be wondering how you could get a post office box without a permanent residential address. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get a free USPS mail service for homeless people.

As we know, there are people in the US just like any other country who can’t afford to have their own homes. When one doesn’t own their home, such individuals surely can’t provide USPS with their home address. Hence, in this case, USPS offers those people a different approach and this approach is known as the free post office box service to the homeless people. The PO Box can also help homeless people to stay connected with their friends and family. Let’s dive into detail.

Homeless Mail Service


How To Get a Free Mail Service for Homeless

The good news is that USPS offers a free post office box service to homeless people. Any individual who doesn’t have a permanent residential address can submit an application to their local post office to receive the free PO Box service. How should you fill out the application? Here’s what to do.

The homeless people will need to submit an application with such a set of words that convey they want to use the free post office box service of USPS. In addition, they will need to fulfil other certain conditions.

Conditions for Mail Service for Homeless:

  • The Postmaster or the postal service window clerk of the local post office must know the applicant in person.
  • In case the applicant is unknown to the Postmaster, they will require the applicant to provide valid proof of their identity.
  • The applicant can provide a point of contact to be verified such as a shelter, a social services office and a place of employment.

Once all the conditions are satisfied, then the Postmaster may approve the application. After the applicant has been granted a free post office box service, they will be able to receive all the mails in the PO Box and can pick them up from there.


What To Do If You Cannot Get a Free Mail Service for Homeless

What if the applicant cannot meet the above conditions? No worries! There may still be an opportunity that the applicant can receive another mail service called “General Delivery“. The local Postmaster needs to approve the applicant for this service same as the free PO Box service for homeless people.

In case you have never heard of General Delivery, let us explain: It is a mail service that USPS can provide for people who don’t have a permanent address. You can use it as a temporary mailing address. In other words, you can temporarily use General Delivery until you get a PO Box of USPS. In addition, there are other people who may want to use this mail service.

Who is General Delivery for:

  • People who travel considerably and don’t have a permanent address
  • People who cannot access post office boxes due to their locations or availability ot the PO Box

To make it even better, there is no application required for this service. With that being said, you will need to provide the local Postmaster with your identification if you want to utilise this service. Moreover, there are ohter things to consider if you want to use General Delivery.

Things to Consider for General Delivery:

  • There may be a time limitation for you to use (determined by the Postmaster).
  • Your mail may be held for no more than 30 days at an authorised facility by the Postmaster.
  • It may be generally available at only one facility.

Please note that if you cannot provide your valid ID or your mail is unreasonably high volume, then the Postmaster may restrict your use of the mail service.

Now you may wonder how to address your mail for General Delivery. The good news is that it is quite simple! You will just need to address as below:

mail service for homeless

Bonus Tip

Would you like to know other ways to access a mail service for homeless? We can share two ways here: The first way is to get a permanent mail address from a homeless shelter or nonprofit organization. Simply search and contact them. The second way is to get a mail forwarding address from a friend or family member. No matter which way you choose, make sure to get a appropriate form from the local post office and fill it out completely.


Final Thoughts

The issue of homelessness is an ongoing problem in the United States. These individuals often live without shelter, food, or employment. For those who are homeless, the lack of these three necessities makes it difficult for them to stay connected with family and friends. It is extremely important to find mail service for homeless because it reduces the risk of depression. One way for the homeless people to stay connected with loved ones is to receive mail at a physical address. There can be various reasons why people become homeless. Whatever the reason is, everyone should be able to access the essential mail service to connect with others. In fact, USPS helps those who are in need of the service. We believe it is definitely worth utilising the free mail service for homeless people. If you want to directly contact USPS Customer Service, you may find this article helpful. Alternatively, you may want to read this one to learn USPS package drop-off. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have a question or want to share your experience.

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  1. Myself and my brother are homeless I am trying to help us I have important documents that I need regarding help for us he is disabled but I’m in need of a po box please a free one

  2. Does a “letter of homelessness ” constitute as valid I.D.? My photos on it with my ss#

  3. I am a homeless woman in morganton nc I have a valid “letter of homelessness ” and I really need a po box for my medicine to get sent to and all of my lifes crazy big issues right now. Can you please help me?

  4. My medicine is mailed from Humana I am currently Displaced(homeless) I’m 63 & disabled I can’t use friends or family members address due to restrictions of their landlords/property management

  5. I’m a 71 yr old homeless Vietnam Veteran I receive my medication through the mail (General Delivery) I mentioned that I might be living the area a employee cancelled me from the general delivery list all my meds and mail are being returned. I’m in need of assistance

  6. Hi I am currently homeless and I’m needing a PO Box to receive my mail from my Medicaid, n food stampsp..also i have various doctors who send me important info.can u help with what i need to do to apply gor a fee free po box.thank you

  7. I am homeless with no mailing address i live on the streets and i need to get important documents sent to me can u please help me with a free p.o box

  8. My fiancee and I are homeless live in a tent near fwy. Have important mail from social security disability and lawyers etc can we get a free po box?

  9. A homeless person may submit an application for PO Box™ service to a local Post Office™. The Postmaster may approve the application under any one of the following conditions:

    The applicant is known to the window clerk or Postmaster.
    An unknown applicant submits proper ID.
    The applicant provides a verifiable point of contact (e.g., place of employment, shelter, charitable institution, or social services office).
    Applicants who cannot meet these conditions may be eligible to receive indefinite General Delivery service, if approved by the local Postmaster. Customers should contact their local Post Office for more information.

    1. Hello my name is Lily I’ve been trying to get a PO Box for the past six months I was never homeless a day in my life I was a full-time working mom I worked at UCHealth hospital as a nurse do to the pandemic my mom got sick and so did I and we got I was never homeless a day in my life I was a full-time working mom I worked at UCHealth Hospital as a nurse do to the pandemic my mom got sick and And then I lost my job because I couldn’t go to work because I had to stay home and take care of her and due to not going to work I didn’t make the rent money and then I lost my car the bank took it back and now me and my mom is a boat homeless and I have never been this scared in my entire life I am just trying to get a PO Box so that I could have my ID sent so I could apply for welfare and so I could get my driver license and picture ID so I can take my mom to dialysis I don’t have no type of form of identification due to living on the streets my wallet has gotten stolen and everything truly I tell you whoever reads this week thankful for what you got because from waking up one day healthy having a roof over your head having everything to waking up to nothing So look I’m not trying to make anybody feel bad for me I’m just trying to figure out on how to get a mailbox without an ID without a physical address due to be in Homewoo go look I’m not trying to make anybody feel bad for me I’m just trying to figure out on how to get a mailbox without an ID without a physical address due to being homeless i’m using a friends phone and I talk to the phone company and they said they could send me a free phone but I need an address to have the phone sent I am truly lost if anybody can figure out or help me with this situation I don’t have much money but But I can see what I can do if I have to pay for this PO Box I’m willing to give my last money for it so that way I can get my ID and get things situated and get help from the state And get an apartment and a car back on my feet I really need to get off the street this is not a safe environment for a senior at 33-year-old girl is very scared for two females to be out on the street please find it in your heart for somebody to help me out with a mailbox I only need it for a few days till I get my document and get an apartment and a car back on my feet I really need to get off the street this is not a safe environment for a senior at 33-year-old girl is very scared for two females to be out on the street please find it in your heart for somebody to help me out with a mailbox

      1. Where is the US government. Nowhere to be found. I will do what I can to help contact me. I Am in so cal

  10. MY Name is Bob Ronel Harrision. I am in need of a place to receive my mail. I would like to apply for my mail to be forwarded to the nearest mail carrier and for a no fee po box in my area which is near the 626 E Apache ST 74106 Post Office in Tulsa

  11. Hello I am homeless female simply trying to accomplish my future goals and re communicate with my 6children and lost family I have an inheritance and lots of important and federal documentation packages and more due to severity amount of inheritance but due to mail theft from 403 Mary sa tx 78214 for the last bout 10 years or more of my life I haven’t received any of my mail jus small in important letters n brochures not needed my uncle jimmy Ruiz was a postal mailman so due to this big inheritance I’ve had hidden from me by my cruel family we are in a huge dispute me against all the family which have bank clearance mail clearance SAPD clearance n more so due to cyber theft identity theft them stealing my I’d bc and ss card I’m really struggling I’m now homeless broke sad n lost all due to me reporting a TS money TRANSMITTER and wire tap and all sorts of things in my grandfather’s house which is deceased they put a restraining order on me for reporting it and in process I lost all identity and monies friends n family so I’m house to house changing addresses here n there each 2 days now it’s difficult to get in contact due to no phone and things like that please help I tried to stop mail but they said I needed 2 forms of id which we’re stolen n bc ask of money and so does I’d so I’m in a rutt God bless u

  12. My son an myself are homeless. I was getting mail at a friend’s
    But was informed we are no long allow to. If by some chance someone may be able to help. Please contact me at 937) 536-8776 thank u Margaret sweitzer

  13. I’m homeless and been at afew friends here and there to sleep and get a meal when offered but I have no vehicle and license suspended till fee is paid and not employed and type 2 diabetic and take a handful of meds a day and don’t have a number to use now and trying to get a ebt phone again and it’s been hard with no phone and way to go and I find myself sleeping out on street s regular and my identifications was recently stolen including birth cert,sac,and ga I’d buy I have a copy on my email address or saved in my cloud of pictures but I need a PO box so I can be contacted by places that I may try to go and apply for things and I only have an address of my mother who I have had mail sent there but not often and I need help. I only get FOODSTAMPS and recently got some medical insurance thru Ambetter peach health for free and I need a PO box bad.

    1. Hi Ronald,

      We are really sorry to hear that you’ve been having a hard time.
      I hope our article helps you get a PO box somehow.

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