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UPS Adress Validation: An Application programming interface (API) requires address validation from the customer’s end to check whether the delivery at the given address is possible or not, and what can be done to make delivery possible at such locations. With UPS address validation, UPS will provide better and faster services at the doorstep of the users. On almost all occasions, UPS suggest and require the business organization such as E-commerce websites to make the API address validation so that UPS can make a hassle-free delivery to the customers.


Who should use UPS Address Validation?

UPS is globally considered as a single point of customer contact. Any company that regularly communicates with its customers, must have this UPS address validation feature. UPS address validation features include the following.


  • Online Dashboard: This function enables you to check where the box is delivered.
  • Online Tracking System: UPS delivers to the designated points of delivery. It is recommended to track this delivery through the online tracking system for the easy tracking of UPS parcels in case it gets lost or stolen.


Why is UPS Address Validation important?

A Delivery Address is a required registration and transfer point for all UPS shipments. Every time you order a shipment, you will send an application programming interface (API) request to the UPS system for the address. A UPS customer can also use the UPS website to validate a registered address. The UPS address validation service is required to guarantee delivery of the UPS package or parcel to a particular location.


UPS provides a complete portfolio of transportation, supply chain and logistics solutions. Under the UPS Customer Agreement, UPS customers are required to provide their own address validation. This has caused serious delays to the delivery of package and customer dissatisfaction due to incorrect addresses. Some customers do not receive UPS packages at all because of poor address validation. UPS addresses are kept confidential to the company’s operations, management and employees, which are not authorized to disclose them.


How to use UPS Address Validation services

It is easy to use UPS Address Validation services. What you need is simply your mobile phone. The following steps would give you an overview of how to use UPS Address Validation services:


  1. Download the applications UPSĀ® Online Seller and UPSĀ® Online Seller Validator from Amazon Developer Portal and install them on your device.
  2. Visit your UPS registered address to check whether the UPS Mobile App is able to show you your UPS Mobile ID (product ID).
  3. Return to the Application and find the UPS Mobile ID for your address.
  4. Add the UPS Mobile ID to your Address.
  5. Type your billing address in the Address area and hit next.
  6. You would see the Mobile ID for your address. You can enter the Mobile-ID into the Add Address section and hit Next.
  7. Following the process, you will find that the UPS Mobile App confirms that the address is valid and is not on UPS Validation Blacklist.


UPS Address Validation Street Match Completed


In Conclusion

Validation of UPS address can take a number of factors, but UPS has a robust system to assure that their user’s addresses are correct and are not cloned. UPS strives for a robust address validation system and as a result, is ranked as the most trusted and recommended customer services company in the USA. UPS addresses are 100% secure and can be verified through their website. When UPS is required to deliver from a destination that is in the UPS Network, they use pre-established DMA-based routing and routing rules for delivery. They track customers with DMA-based routing rules to ensure that their customers are delivered to the correct addresses. In addition to this UPS also provides a unique brand and “loyalty” reward program that can be accessed to track its customers’ deliveries.

Regarding the address, you may want to read this article requesting an address change to UPS.

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