How to request UPS change of address?

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UPS Change of Address: Most of the customer of UPS give their delivery address where they are available but because of many reasons, sometimes they needed to change their address. Most of the time it happens that we need to urgently change the delivery address and we don’t know whether it is possible or not. You may be wondering what to do if you put the wrong address on a package. Don’t panic when you noticed that you would need to change the delivery address of your package.

This post will help you get the information on how to change your UPS delivery address online.

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How to change UPS delivery address online

With using UPS My Choice

UPS my choice gives the option of an address change before the first delivery attempt. So you can log in to your My choice account and you will see this option inside your account. Using the option you can easily redirect your package to any other address or you can also reschedule it to another delivery or pick up day, date or time. This is a very easy two-step process and the only thing you need is my choice account and your order UPS tracking number. You will always need to check whether your order is eligible for the UPS change of address option or not? Some items like high-value merchandise, perishable items, prescription medication may strictly need the receiver’s address. Also the best thing about the UPS change of address option that you will not be charged anything extra for rescheduling or changing the address of the destination if you are redirecting your package to The UPS Store locations, UPS customer centres or UPS Access Point locations. While My choice UPS members will be asked to pay some fee for address change for UPS package if they are not the premium members. This service is free for premium members.

Without using UPS My Choice

If you are not a member of UPS My Choice and need delivery address change options for your package before the first delivery attempt, contact the sender. It’s definitely beneficial to be a member of UPS My Choice since you can receive real-time delivery updates as well.

In Conclusion

Here in this article, we have discussed whether we can request a change of delivery address for the UPS package. The UPS change of address is free for premium members or for redirecting your order to the UPS Store locations, Customer centres or Access points otherwise some amount of fee is needed to be paid by you.  Also rescheduling your UPS Package may lead to a different delivery day, date or time.

If you would like to learn more about UPS address, you may find this article helpful.


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  1. We do not have a UPS account with you, but we do receive packages from UPS from time to time. How do we give you our new business address, we will move to our new office on Dec. 15, 2018. I have already made a business change of address with the Postal Service.

  2. I am receiving a package from Plattsburgh Spring Inc /
    I gave my P.O. Box # 926 Caldwell, ID 83606-0926 for my address. I would like to redirect the delivery to the Nampa United Parcel Service Hub. I did see a UPS truck on our street late this afternoon but he simply turned around and left.

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