Can Japanese Kanji Be Recognised By UPS Developer API?

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If you are Japanese or you have learned Japanese, you might be wondering if Japanese Kanji can be recognised by UPS Developer API. Well, keep reading if you would like to find out the answer 🙂

What Is Japanese Kanji Character?

Kanji is the language of Japan’s writing system which is used at a very massive scale in Japan for all kind of writings locally. With the application programming interface from the UPS,  it can be integrated with any business’s official website. It can also let the users track their packages that are being shipped by that business models.

japanese kanji characters

Can Japanese Kanji Characters Be Recognised By UPS Developer API?

When it comes to API, the kanji characters are not compatible with the API. This means the users can’t type their shipping or the delivery address in the Kanji character as the API from the UPS doesn’t support it.


The Japanese users have to convert the Kanji characters into the English language first. What they should do next is to provide it as the address in the API to let the package be delivered at the right address.

An Application programming interface or API, in short, is the functionality of UPS with integration to a particular business’s website. In another word, the API services of UPS allows the big business models, such as the E-commerce website to provide their customers with an application programming interface for its users.

Do you want to learn more about API? Please feel free to keep reading!


How Does API Help With Marketing?

A strong API enables businesses to build relationships and gain new customers. However, obtaining an API could require considerable time and effort, and there are many business-specific procedures that businesses will want to follow. A key benefit of developing an API is the ability to create unique experiences with the level of customization and the level of customization that is accessible.


Why would I want a UPS API?

As a small business owner, you are in search of a reliable platform that helps you make a mobile application for your business. This is where an API comes in. An API is a short-form acronym for Application Programming Interface. It’s the magic that developers use to communicate and collaborate with other computer programs, which are created on a piece of technology such as a server or a computer system.


How can an API help my business?

Firstly, it allows you to share and implement your assets across various platforms, websites, and devices. You will be able to access everything that you have created with the help of the API. In other words, this will give you full control of your business assets, which will help you better manage your business.


How do I get a UPS API?

A UPS API with integrated eCommerce capability is only available from UPS suppliers that have opted-in. An example of this is the “Jaguar Racing Experience” which is provided by Jaguar Racing. This has a dedicated online portal for registering to download the application.


Here are the instructions to obtain a UPS API:

  1. You will need to sign up at to create your profile.
  2. Login to your UPS profile.
  3. Click the UPS Developer Kit page.
  4. Choose your API.
  5. Download Your API documentation.
  6. Request an access key.


In Conclusion

With the help of API that the users can directly trace the shipping details of the packages or the goods that they have bought from such business models. This system really helps the business organization, and the users on a very large scale, since a customer is always worried about the delivery of their orders.

You have now found the skills you need to create your own UPS service. You will be able to get started by understanding UPS and following UPS API. But before you do so, you must understand what an API is and how it works. This article should be sufficient to complete your course.

If you want to have any technical support related to the API from UPS, then you may visit their official website and contact the customer care executive who will assist you with any technical issues related to the API. You can also get UPS customer support details in this article.

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