???? Does Canada Post Deliver on Saturdays & Sundays? ????

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The postal services of the Canada Post delivery on weekends are indeed very extensive which leaves no complaints behind, and this is the reason that why any other private player couldn’t enter the industry of Canadian postal services. Having said that, many of the Canada Post customers are wondering and confused at the same time with their query, “Does Canada post deliver the packages or the mails on Saturdays and Sundays?” The question is quite interesting and required to be answered as well from the customer’s point of view.

Does Canada Post Deliver On Saturdays & Sundays?

Well, for your query, the answer is no: the Canada Post doesn’t deliver on weekends which are Saturdays and Sundays and other than this, Canada post doesn’t deliver on any statutory or provincial holidays such as Christmas etc.

However, Canada post makes delivery during the weekend hours, in order to clear the backlog of a holiday so that the parcel or mail can be delivered with a compensated time to the users.

So, guys, Canada post doesn’t usually deliver on the weekend that is during the days of Saturday and Sunday except in the case of clearing the backlog time that arose due to the statutory holidays.

What Is Canada Post?

Canada post which is also known as the Canada Post Corporation is the leading postal department in Canada and serving the entire County. The original name of the Canada post used to be the Royal mail Canada, which was founded by the Canadian government back in 1867. It was later changed to the Canada post Incorporation under the rebranding tag in the year 1981.

Canada Post is primarily serving the entire Canada with its postal services and is undoubtedly the leading postal department from the government due to which there is no other major private postal company that could emerge to compete with Canada Post.

Canada post is presently working at a very large scale and serving more than 16 million Canadians and it made history in the postal servicing by making the delivery of approx 8.4 billion items of the package, and the mails back in the year 2016 which raised consolidated revenue of $7.88 billion.

We know that Canada is having one of the largest geographical areas, and due to that, Canada post covers the world’s largest postal area through a fleet of 13000 vehicles, which is miraculous in itself. Canada post makes the door to door postal delivery to its customers and there is a centralized delivery option as well.


Final Thoughts

If we talk about the reasons as to why Canada post doesn’t deliver on Saturdays and Sundays, then there could be several reasons behind that. The very first reason could be the government ownership of Canada post since the government offices remain off during the weekend. In addition, the other reason could be to avoid the extra operating cost that has to be incurred by the courier agencies if they deliver on weekend.

For these reasons, it is reasonable that Canada post doesn’t deliver on weekend. If you would like to know the weekend delivery by Australia Post, you may find this article helpful.

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