How To Address A Package: A Step-by-Step Guide That Actually Works

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It is important to address a package correctly according to the countries you are shipping to. Here is a step-by-step guide that actually works.

  1. Make sure your package is packaged in a way that it can be easily identified.


  1. Seal the package with tape and write in white on the tape the name, address and postcode that your package is going to.


  1. Do not use tape that has any writing on it, as the postal workers might easily think that it is a personal package.


  1. Pack it inside a folder that is made from thick cardboard so that it is safe and secure.


  1. Write the package’s name in capital letters so that the postal workers know which package belongs to which person.


  1. If the parcel is coming from the United Kingdom, then you can also put it on the white sheet of paper that is printed with the pound sign at the bottom of your package.


  1. You will also need to include the return address or add it to the box.


Why is it important to address a package correctly?

Of course, when you send a package, you want it to be received safely and delivered on time. However, you want to make sure that the package you send will reach its destination in the same condition that it was in when it left. That’s why it is important to address the package correctly in a timely manner.


When you package up something for shipping, the packages and mail are scanned to ensure that it has not been tampered with. The scanned copies are held in file with your company’s mail server.

A package without an address is likely to be sorted as a piece of mail, meaning that it is delivered to the post office. If your package has an address, then it gets packaged up as a piece of merchandise, meaning that it gets put on a truck and shipped out.


How to address a package to the United States

Here is an example of addressing a package to UPS:

shipping label

You will want to address it “to the United States,” or UPS/UPS Speed Post if you are sending it directly to the United States. You should also include the country code along with the ZIP code. The country code is typically the beginning of the postal code in order for the delivery person to know which package is yours.


If you have made a mistake on the address, you should also include the reference numbers. You may also want to include your name and address, which you will need to complete the customs declaration form for customs. To order a customs declaration form, contact the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency website at


You can also order the UPS, FedEx, or DHL statement for address labels that include all of the required information.


How to address a package to Canada

Here is an example of addressing a package to Canada Post:

shipping label

Like most countries, Canadians love to take the time to personally sign their letters and packages, but they do so in a different way:

Balloon Stickers:

The easiest way to address a package to Canadians is by using a balloon sticker. You can find them in most package stores or online. After mailing the package, just put the sticker on the outside of the package, and tape it the way you want.


How to address a package to the United Kingdom

Here is an example of addressing a package to Royal Mail:

shipping label

How to address a package to Australia

Here is an example of addressing a package to Australia Post:

shipping label



If you are shipping a package to anywhere else, always ask your recipient for their address, and keep it on file for future deliveries.


Final Thoughts

There you have a step-by-step guide to how to address a package. Please keep in mind that the letter you are sending should be larger than the package itself. This makes it easier for the driver to physically take the package out of the car and into the mailbox. In some cases, if the window is broken, your address may be too small for the driver to be able to see it, so you might want to consider a smaller sized mailer. As a general rule, if the address is too small for the driver to read, then it is too small. So, always make sure to address the box as much as possible. If you are mailing a large package, don’t forget to use enough postage to ensure it arrives.

You may want to check this article to track your package after shipping.

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