What kind of packaging does UPS accept?

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There are certain UPS packaging guidelines that you should keep in mind while packing your UPS shipment. If you are wondering what kind of packaging UPS accepts, then you will get an idea from this article. You will want to make sure that your package arrives safely with UPS, so you should keep some of the guidelines in mind while packaging. These guidelines are discussed in the next paragraph.




UPS Packaging Guidelines

We are discussing some guidelines below developed from UPS research.

    • Try to use an intact hard box and before packing see that box should not have broken flaps.
    • If you are using an old box, then before packing your shipment, you should make sure that no other labels or hazardous materials indicators or other previous irrelevant signs are present on the box.
  • Note: Always prefer using a new box
    • If you shipping more than one item in a single box, then you should first wrap all items separately and then pack them in one box.
    • If the package is very delicate and can be broken easily then try to apply adequate cushioning material around the package.
    • Try to apply broad and strong tape for binding. There are many kinds of tapes are available in the market suitable for packing shipping material.
    • Do not use string or paper over-wrap.
    • Always use the shipping label on the package. You can print the label online also.
    • The shipping label should have the address mentioned very clearly.
    • Also, print a duplicate address label and keep it inside the package. That will help to locate the package in case of the lost address label.


In Conclusion

We have discussed some of the guidelines here that everyone should keep in mind on how to pack properly before shipping with UPS. If your package needs more critical handling, then visit the nearest UPS store. Hope this information is helpful for you. We update our site on regular basis, so keep visiting the website. If you have any further queries, comment in the comment box below.

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