Is My Shipment A Package, Freight Or UPS Mail Innovations?

Last Updated on 11/06/2021 by Miki Yoshida

UPS provides many types of services online as well as at any UPS locations where you can select the best one suitable for you. Among these services, there is one service in which you should know that your package will fall in which category- package, freight or UPS Mail Innovations. By knowing that, you can easily find the time and cost of the package delivery through UPS. That’s why it is necessary to figure out the shipment category and the difference between package and freight.


So here we are going to tell you about how to find out whether your shipment will be a package, a UPS freight shipment or UPS mail innovation and knowing this will also help you in using UPS tracking service for tracking your package in the UPS network. Here is the information:

How to know if UPS shipment is a Package

While shipping your package through the UPS, tick the Package box if you are delivering a single package. Also, letter shipments that have a weight not more than 150lb i.e. 70kg as well as for multi-package shipments with no separate package are bigger than 150lbs i.e. 70kg also comes under this category.

How to know if UPS shipment is a Freight

While shipping your package through the UPS, tick the Freight for your palletized or non palletized freight shipments. Also, UPS will take freight shipments  with any weight;

Note: Minimum billable weights of 151lbs i.e. 75.5kg. is still be applied for the shipments.

How to know if UPS shipment is a UPS Mail Innovations

While shipping your package through the UPS, tick the UPS Mail Innovations for a package having a single quantity. The weight limit for flat mail pieces is 1lb/.45kg and the weight limit for parcel and bound printed matter shipments is more than 1lb/.45kg.

In Conclusion

Now you know that how to find out that particular UPS shipment is the package, freight or UPS mail innovation and after delivering the package to the UPS store or for UPS pickup, you can track the package according to the shipment type. If you have any query regarding this then contact us through the comment box below. If this was helpful to you then share it with your friends and relatives on social media. keep visiting the site as we update our site on the regular basis.

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