Will My UPS Package Require A Signature?

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Why Is Signature Required For UPS?

There are several categories of packages that are sent through the courier packages services of UPS. Some of them are having a simple form and only requires normal delivery. While some others are required to be signed by the recipient of the packages, and there are some factors behind such compulsory signing requirement.


The number one or the very first factor is the requirement of a signature by the shipper. In some special cases or generally in all business transactions the shipper requires the delivery to be completed by a signature of the recipient of the package which is the other customer.


Other factors may be when the package contains some very high valued items or the ones that are subject to some kind of threat in any forms such as firearms. Those packages also require the delivery to be completed by the compulsory signature from the recipient of the package.

How Do I Know If My UPS Package Requires A Signature?

You are supposed to receive an email regarding your package tracking information that will specify if the package requires a signature or not. If you cannot find any information on the signature requirement in the email, then you may want to try the tracking page on the UPS website. If this doesn’t help either, it is advisable to contact UPS directly by phone.

What Should I Do If No One Will Be Home To Sign For My Package?

If your package doesn’t require a signature, you don’t need to do anything. It can be left somewhere safe around your home at the driver’s discretion. However, if it requires a signature, there are some procedures that you may want to follow:

  1. Become a UPS My Choice member.
  2. Before the delivery schedule, sign online if your package is eligible.
  3. Or redirect the package to another address where you can arrange for someone else to sign on behalf of yourself.

Keep in mind that the procedure above cannot be taken if the sender has designated that an adult signature is required.

Does UPS Leave Any Parcel/Package at the Door?

Many people are confused about whether UPS leave the package at the doorsteps of the recipients. We would like to tell you that the UPS may leave the package at your doorsteps with another person on your behalf or with your neighbours, but that is only allowed unless the package demands your personal signatures.

If the package requires the personal signature of the recipient, then the package can’t be delivered without obtaining the signature of the recipient for the package.

In conclusion, it is recommended that you should check if your package will require a signature or not before the scheduled delivery in case you want to take appropriate procedures to receive it at the end.

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