How To Change/Cancel USPS Hold Mail Request Online ????

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United States Postal Services(USPS) is known for its seamless and convenient free services to its customers in the United States and across the world. There are numbers of features that this postal department provides to its customers to keep their satisfaction level always high. Did you know you could make a USPS Hold Mail request?

One of many USPS unique services is holding the mail or parcel on the request of customers till the customer request back for the delivery. So, next time if you become unable to receive your mail or parcel from USPS at the very last moment, then don’t panic and rather just make the mail holding request online to USPS at its official website.

With this service, customers can easily reschedule their mail/parcel delivery at their dates, which may be anytime within the period of the next 3 to 30 days from the actual date of delivery. This significant and convenient service is provided by USPS at no extra cost and customers can easily avail of it online at the website portal of USPS.

Furthermore, if at some point in time customers wishes to cancel the mail holding request for its mail or parcel and want it to deliver anytime soon, then customers can even cancel or edit this mail holding period request.

Here in this article, we are basically going to discuss the cancellation of mail holding request by the customers to receive the delivery of mail/parcel at the earliest date possible.

USPS is fully dedicated to its customers and keep the convenience of its customers in its utmost priority. The portal of USPS is committed to its customers to provide them with fully satisfactory services any day of the year.

Here are the core goals and vision of USPS towards its customers.

  • Providing customers with high-quality seamless services.
  • Leaving no complaint but the greater customer experience behind.
  • Providing the engaged workforce department to serve the customers in the best way possible.

USPS Hold Mail Request Online

The mail holding request or feature of USPS is one of the highly appreciated and useful features, which lower the stress of millions of USPS customers concerning receiving the delivery of mails and parcels.

With these mail holding services, customers can request the local USPS office to keep the safe custody of their mails or parcel with USPS and schedule the next delivery date in accordance with the convenience of customers.

This service brings the utmost peace of mind to the USPS customers as they can conveniently take the delivery of their parcel/mails with this service.

Editing or Cancelling the Existing USPS Mail Holding Request

Well, if you have changed up your mind after making a mail holding request to USPS for a certain period, but now you want to edit or cancel your such request and receive your mail earlier, then yes, fortunately, you can do that.

USPS provides an instantly accessible service to its customers with which they can cancel their existing mail holding request and receive it on the earlier possible window.

How to Change USPS Hold Mail Request Online

You just have to follow some simple steps in order to change your USPS mail holding request at the online portal of USPS. Here is our step by step guide to assist you in this whole process.

  • Visit the official website of USPS.
  • Log in with your USPS account to check the status of your mail or parcel with USPS
  • On the home page, you will see the option of “Edit or Cancelling Existing Mail Request”
  • Now you will be required to provide some basic information regarding your earlier request of holding the mail with USPS.
  • Provide all the required information correctly and then there you will see the option of modifying the mail holding request as per your requirement.

How to Cancel USPS Hold Mail Request Online

If you are able to receive your mail or parcel delivery at its original delivery window, then you always have the option to cancel the mail holding request with USPS.

Here are some simple steps by which you can cancel your earlier made mail holding request anytime.

  • Go to the official website of USPS and then log in with your account there.
  • Once you log in to your account then on the right top side you will see the option of cancelling or editing the mail holding request.
  • Click on the option and now you will be asked for some details concerning your parcel which you entered before while making a mail holding request.
  • You have to provide those details and then you will be authorised to make any changes to your mail or parcel.
  • You can now simply cancel your mail holding request and get the early delivery of your parcel.
  • USPS will send you the confirmation of your mail holding cancellation request along with the new delivery date of your mail/parcel.

Changing USPS Mail Holding Request without Confirmation Number

Well, as we know the USPS mail confirmation number is a must in order to make any changes in the delivery of USPS.

If you have lost the confirmation number and still want to make the changes in the mail holding request, then you have to visit your local USPS office. You will be asked for identity verification and then you will be able to make the desired changes.

Other Services Providers with USPS Mail Holding Request

Well, Yes there are some other players such as FedEx, UPS which also provide a similar mail holding request of USPS. Customers can avail themselves the somewhat the same services from those players, however, USPS holds the ultimate dominance and credibility in the market with its mail holding request due to its decent customer services.

In Conclusion

We hope that this article would help you in making the most of USPS mail services and make the desired changes to them such as the cancellation or editing the changes. If you face any issue in due course, then kindly feel free to approach us.

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  1. I Need to to restart all mail. Am in Hospital with multiple fractures! Am disabled on top of that. My mailbox is on my front porch as ADA approves and regulates.
    Another name(s) needed to be added:
    Heather/ Adair Sullivan
    My hold request was until Sept 26, 2020
    For 20651 Jayhawk Ln. Bend, Or 97702

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