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USPS Holiday Schedule: USPS which stands for the United States Postal Services is the postal services of the United States. It is the government postal service body, which is responsible for handling the postal services within the entire country and for this reason it is also known as the United States post office. 

Having said that it is the independent government postal body of the country thus it has its own schedule of work as per the official Gazette of the country, unlike the private postal services. USPS has the predefined set of working days within the year which is subject to the several kinds of the holidays, as may be falling in that particular year. 

We know that holidays always have an influence over the working state of any government organization when such organizations remain close. Federal holidays are such holidays which have a direct impact on the working schedule of the USPS. 

So, as a resident of the country, we believe we all have to rely upon the USPS in order to receive and send the various kinds of emails, parcel, etc. This is the reason why you must be making yourself aware of the holiday’s schedule of the USPS so that you can have an understanding of the working system of this government postal body. 

Here in this article, we are basically going to make our discussion about the USPS holiday in the year 2019 & 2020 respectively.

The article would help you in getting the full holiday schedule for both of these years in the easy form of a calendar so that you can easily access it and get the answers of questions such as “will mail me delivered today”

USPS Holidays in 2019

Well, in this section we are going to provide you the list of holidays for the USPS in the year 2019. You are supposed to keep this schedule in your notice so that you can visit their office at their correct working timing.

1 January 2019 New Year’s Day It is a yearly occurring new year celebration when the people enjoy the beginning of the year.
21 January 2019 Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr Martin Luther King was the great leader of the country and this day is appreciated in the honor of him
18 February 2019 Washington’s Birthday It is the birthday of the first United States president George Washington
27 May 2019 Memorial Day This day is celebrated in the honor of United States soldiers who lost their lives for the pride of the country
4 July 2019 Independence Day It is the official independence day of the United States
2 September 2019 Labour Day The significance and the contribution of the labor force is appreciated in the United States on this day
14 October 29019 Columbus Day The United States was discovered by the Columbus and this day is celebrated as his birthday
11 November 2019 Veteran’s Day This day is dedicated to the veteran’s of the United State’s armed forces
28 November 2019 Thanksgiving Day This day is celebrated as the autumn harvest and the thanks are exchanged between the people.
25 December 2019 Christmas Day This is the official birthday of Jesus, which takes place annually on the same date

USPS Holidays in 2020

Here in this section, you can get access to the USPS holidays in advance for the year 2020. This holiday calendar will let you plan your USPS bookings at the correct timing.

1 January 2020
20 January 2020 Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr Martin Luther King is known as the famous and the significant leader of the United States, this day is recognized as his birthday
17 February 2020 Washington’s Birthday George Washington was the first ever President thus his birthday is recognized as the national holiday of the country
25 May 2020 Memorial Day The soldiers who lost their lives safeguarding their nation, this day is recalled to remember them
3 July 2020 Independence Day It is the Independence day of United States which is widely celebrated across the whole country
7 September 2020 Labour Day Labour force is having a huge contribution to the modern infrastructure of the country and this day is dedicated to them
12 October 2020 Columbus Day Columbus was the person who discovered  the land of America and thus this day is appreciated as his birthday
11 November 2020 Veteran’s Day Veterans are the hero of the United State’s armed forces
26 November 2020 Thanksgiving Day This is basically the cultural practice which is celebrated in the autumn harvest season
25 December 2020 Christmas Day The birthday of the Lord Jesus, who is the founder of Christianity in the world

So, this is the complete USPS holidays schedule for the year of 2019 & 2020. All the USPS customers and the prospective customers are hereby informed that all the branches of their office would remain closed throughout these days. 

Further, it is also made clear that there would be no delivery of any kind of parcels or the messages during these above mentioned holidays. The delivery will be made on the next following days as the case may be.

If you are having any further inquiry about the USPS holidays 2020 then you may approach us for further assistance. You can also visit the USPS website to match the holiday’s schedule and raise the other inquiries.

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