Will UPS Print My Label: A Comprehensive Guide

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Yes, in 2023, UPS offers label printing services. If you can’t print your label at home, you can visit a UPS store where they typically charge approximately $5 for this service. Alternatively, if you’re unable to go to a UPS location, you can request the courier to provide the label and relevant paperwork during package collection. For a deeper understanding of UPS label printing and alternatives to self-printing, continue reading!

UPS print my label

Will UPS Print My Label?

Yes, UPS offers label printing services. If you have created a label online, you can scan and print your shipping label using a mobile barcode at a UPS location. Just remember to take your package to a UPS store so you can ship it right away.

What is the cost of printing a shipping label at UPS?

Creating a UPS shipping label online is complimentary, but be prepared to cover the cost of postage and any additional services, such as delivery signatures. If you prefer to have your label printed at a UPS store, most charge a nominal fee, typically around $5. If you’re looking to bypass this charge and lack home printing facilities, consider utilizing printers at local libraries or office supply stores. Alternatively, with an online-generated label, you can scan and print it using a mobile barcode at any UPS location. Ensure you bring your package to a UPS store for immediate shipping.

Can I get my return labels printed at UPS?

Yes, you can get your return labels printed at UPS. UPS provides printing services to accommodate return shipping. Ensure you have the return label and take it to a UPS location to have it printed and affixed to your package.

Is it possible to reprint UPS labels?

Yes, it is possible to reprint UPS labels if needed. You can reprint shipping labels from your order history or the UPS website, ensuring that you follow all relevant guidelines and regulations. However, keep in mind that each label has a unique tracking number, and reprinting labels may cause tracking issues if multiple copies of the same label are used.

How do I create a UPS prepaid shipping label?

You can create a prepaid UPS shipping label using UPS Internet Shipping. This service allows you to print shipping labels easily, using any device and an internet connection, without needing any shipping software or application installed on your PC or smartphone.

Where can I print a UPS shipping label online?

You can print a UPS shipping label online through the UPS website where you can create and print your shipping labels. Ensure you have an internet connection and a compatible printer to print your labels as required.

Can UPS Drivers Print a Label for You?

UPS drivers don’t carry printers in their vehicles, but you don’t need to leave home to have a UPS label printed. Begin by visiting the UPS website. From the main page, select “ship” and input your package details, including its weight, origin, and destination. This process will help you identify the best shipping option available for your needs. Once you’ve chosen a service, you can set a pickup time. During the pickup, the UPS driver will bring the necessary shipping paperwork. They’ll verify that the package’s weight and dimensions match the details provided, then they’ll attach the label and take your package for delivery. Remember, there might be an additional fee for scheduled pickups.

How Do I Print a UPS Label with a Tracking Number?

To print a UPS label with a tracking number, follow these steps:

Creating a Label with a Tracking Number:

  1. Log in to the UPS website.
  2. Under “Create a Shipment,” fill out the necessary details, including package type and declared value.
  3. Click “Next” and ensure the “Shipping Label” option is selected.
  4. Once you complete the shipment details, the system will generate a label with an automatic tracking number, which will be printed above the main barcode and beneath the chosen shipping service, such as UPS Ground or UPS 3 Day Select.

Reprinting a Label using the Tracking Number:

  1. To reprint a UPS label using a tracking number, you must have or create a UPS My Choice account.
  2. Once logged in, you can view all packages linked to your address.
  3. Locate the desired package using the associated tracking number or visit “Shipment History” to reprint your label.

In-store Printing Services:

  • If you have a digital copy of your label and need it printed, many UPS locations offer printing services. You can either save the label on a USB drive or email it to the store for printing and attachment.

Remember, the tracking number is always automatically included on the UPS label, ensuring you can monitor the package’s journey.

Will UPS Print Amazon Return Label?

Yes, UPS can print your Amazon return label. Here’s a comprehensive guide based on the details provided:

Amazon Return Types and UPS Store Services:

  • Free Returns: Some Amazon returns can be processed for free at the UPS store. Follow Amazon’s instructions to determine if your return is free.
  • UPS Pick-up: If you choose this method, the UPS driver brings a label for your package. Although UPS won’t charge you, Amazon might.
  • No Printer, No Problem/The UPS Store Drop-off, No Label Required: Present the QR code provided by Amazon at The UPS Store, and they will print your label at no additional cost.
  • The UPS Store Drop-off (with provided label): If Amazon provides a pre-printed label instead of a QR code, you must print it yourself. If you need it printed at The UPS Store, they might charge a fee.
  • Provide Your Own Shipping: If Amazon gives you only a formatted address label, the cost of a shipping label is usually included in the shipping price you pay. This might vary by carrier.

General Label Printing Tips:

  • For best results, use a laser printer. While you don’t need special label paper, using adhesive labels can be more convenient.
  • Avoid taping over barcodes or QR codes. Shiny tape can cause scanner issues.
  • Avoid placing barcodes over box seams or edges to ensure easy scanning.

Printing at The UPS Store from Your Phone:

  • Save or access the file on your phone.
  • Visit the UPS website or app and choose “Mobile Printing.”
  • Select your file and set your printing preferences.
  • Choose a UPS store location for printing.
  • At the store, provide your order number to get your document printed.

In all cases, carefully follow Amazon’s instructions for each return, as their return methods can vary. If unsure, always check with Amazon or UPS customer service for clarity.

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