Can You Track a UPS Package Without a Tracking Number? Find Out the Solution

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Tracking a UPS package provides you with peace of mind and a clear understanding of your shipment’s location and delivery time. However, it becomes a daunting issue when you misplace your tracking number or don’t receive one from the sender. Despite this, it’s still possible to track your UPS package, and the methods available might be quite unexpected. Modern shipping services like UPS offer a tracking feature, allowing you to monitor your package until its delivery. The loss of your UPS tracking number doesn’t necessarily mean losing track of your package. To find out more about how you can still keep an eye on your package, continue with the article.

Can You Track a UPS Package Without a Tracking Number

Yes, you can track a UPS package without a tracking number. You can do this by making a free UPS My Choice account with the receiving address of the package you want to track. Additionally, you can use the ‘Track by Reference’ feature, which allows you to use a reference number, package ID, or US Postal Service IMPB instead of the standard tracking number.

Alternative Ways to Track Your Package

There are alternative methods to track your UPS package without a tracking number. This section will discuss the following approaches: Tracking by Reference Number, Using Your Phone Number, and Tracking through Email.

Tracking by Reference Number (also known as Order Number)

One way to track your package is by using a reference number. This number is typically assigned by the shipper, such as an order number or an account number.

How do I track a UPS shipment with reference number?

To track a UPS shipment using a reference number, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the UPS tracking page.
  2. Select “Track by Reference” field.
  3. Enter your reference number which could be a purchase order number or customer number (up to 35 characters) that you assigned during the shipment creation process.
  4. Verify the ship date range is correct.
  5. Click on the “Track” button.

After this, UPS will provide the current status of your shipment, including any unexpected delays and the estimated delivery time.

If you don’t have a UPS tracking number, using the “Track by Reference” option can be a handy alternative. Your UPS tracking number is usually found on your shipping receipt, your sales receipt if you bought insurance at the UPS store, or in the confirmation email you received when you created a shipment from

Once you input the reference number and click “Enter”, UPS will display the current location of your parcel and the estimated delivery time.

Using Your Phone Number

Another method of tracking your package without the tracking number involves using your phone number. If you are a member of UPS My Choice, you can log in to your account and access the “My Packages” tab to view a list of incoming packages associated with your registered phone number [^5^]. From your dashboard, simply select the package you wish to track for more information.

Tracking through Email

Finally, tracking your UPS package can also be done through email. Look for the confirmation email sent by UPS or the shipper, as it will often contain shipping details, including a link to track your package. If you have previously provided your email address during the shipping process, you can also opt to receive updates about your package delivery.

By using a combination of these alternative methods, it is possible to track your UPS package without a tracking number. These approaches ensure you stay informed about your package delivery, even if you’re missing the tracking number.

Dealing with Issues and Lost Packages

Filing a Search Request

If you suspect your UPS package is lost or delayed, start by filing a search request. This can be done through the UPS online account or through their Where’s My Package page. By providing the necessary information, such as the shipper’s details, intended shipping address, and a description of the package, UPS can begin their investigation to locate your missing mail.

Contacting UPS Customer Service

Another way to address a lost or damaged package is by reaching out to UPS Customer Service. They can provide assistance in tracking the package, give updates about its status, and help you initiate a claim if the package was damaged during transit. Furthermore, by signing up for UPS My Choice, you can receive delivery alerts and track your orders seamlessly.

International Tracking

For international tracking, keep in mind that UPS orders might be subject to local customs regulations and additional handling time. These factors could affect the delivery timeline, so it’s essential to monitor your package using the UPS tracking webpage or your UPS My Choice account.

Priority Mail

Priority Mail is a premium shipping option offered by UPS for domestic and international shipments. This service often comes with a USPS tracking number and provides faster delivery times compared to standard shipping methods. Even though tracking numbers are typically included, understanding the UPS tracking system and accessing their customer support can still prove beneficial in cases of lost or damaged packages.


What Steps Can You Take to Retrieve Your UPS Tracking Number if You Misplaced the Receipt?

If the receipt is no longer with you, there are a few alternative ways to discover your tracking number. One method involves checking the notification email sent by UPS at the time of shipping, which contains all relevant details including your tracking number. Another method is using the online label record, which is accessible either through the UPS website or your email if you had printed your label online.

Is it Possible to Trace a UPS Shipment Using Only the Recipient’s Address?

Indeed, you can track a UPS shipment solely with the destination address, provided you’re the intended receiver of the package. This entails setting up a UPS My Choice account using the delivery address. UPS My Choice then provides a comprehensive list of all packages, both past and current, set to be delivered to the registered address, facilitating individual tracking of each.

Can You Track a UPS Package Just By Name?

No, you cannot track a UPS package just by name. One reason for this is that a name alone is not enough information, as UPS handles, on average, 15.8 million packages a day. The second reason is for security. If anyone could call UPS requesting information on a package intended for anyone, it could potentially lead to issues with stolen or wrongfully rerouted packages.

Can You Track a UPS Package Just By Phone Number?

It’s possible to track a UPS package by phone number, but it’s not a guaranteed method and reviews are mixed. The process involves visiting the tracking page on the UPS website, clicking on the “Track By Reference Number” link, and then entering your phone number in the “shipment reference” space. Fill out the rest of the information as accurately as possible, then click “Track.” If successful, you should see a list of shipments associated with your phone number. But remember, this method is not officially supported by UPS and may not always work.


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