Unlocking the Mystery: Can You Send a Money Order Through UPS?

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Are you planning to travel abroad and want to keep your extra spending cash secure? Or perhaps you’re searching for a convenient and reliable method to transfer money from one location to another? Money orders might be the solution you’re looking for. If you’re specifically interested in obtaining money orders at UPS or cashing them there keep reading to findout!

UPS Money order

Can I send a money order through UPS?

No, UPS does not provide money transfer services, including selling or cashing money orders. They started out as a shipment and delivery company and have had a lot of success in that field. As they expanded their services over time, sending money orders was not one of the offerings they added.

Did UPS Offer Money Orders in the Past?

No, historically UPS has never provided money orders as a payment option. Money orders are typically associated with banks and financial institutions, and since UPS lacks any affiliations or authorization from a bank, they have never offered money orders as a viable choice.

What Services Does UPS Offer?

While UPS does not sell or cash money orders, they offer various services related to shipping and packaging, including:

  • Package shipping: UPS delivers packages domestically and internationally, covering ground, air, and freight shipping options.
  • Flat rate shipping: This service helps customers to ship items without requiring precise package weight calculations.
  • Package pickup: UPS can pick up your package if you’re unable to drop it off at a UPS location.

What Is the Cheapest Place to Get a Money Order?

If you need a money order, several places offer this service at low fees. Options include:

  • USPS: Money orders at the United States Postal Service cost a low fee, and you can send up to $1,000 in a single order domestically.
  • Banks and credit unions: Many financial institutions offer money orders to their customers, but the fees can vary. Some even provide free money orders for account holders with specific account types.
  • Retailers: Stores like Walmart and various supermarkets offer money order services at their customer service counters for a low fee. When it comes to finding the cheapest money order options. Kroger offers money order services regularly, with costs ranging from $0.88 without a Kroger card to $0.84 with a Kroger card.


In summary, UPS does not offer money order services as their primary focus is on shipment and delivery. The company has expanded its range of services over the years but has not ventured into providing money orders. This decision can be attributed to the existence of numerous other online money transfer services that already saturate the market.


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