Can You Drop Off USPS At UPS? A Quick Guide to Mailing Services

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Short answer is Yes! At UPS Store and UPS Access Point locations, customers can drop off their USPS packages for delivery. These establishments provide a convenient alternative for those who may not have access to a post office nearby. With both UPS Stores and UPS Access Points, customers can take advantage of various services, including package and mail handling, tracking number assignment, and insurance options.

UPS Drop Box

UPS Drop Boxes

UPS Drop Boxes offer yet another option for USPS package drop-offs. These 24/7 self-service drop boxes provide customers with a quick and easy way to leave their packages for dispatch. However, please note that UPS Drop Boxes have size limitations and may not accommodate larger USPS packages.

UPS Customer Centers

UPS Customer Centers also accept USPS packages for drop-off. These locations focus on providing a wide range of shipping services, including label printing, package tracking, and postal partnerships with the US Postal Service. These centers offer the advantage of direct access to UPS representatives who can assist with any questions or concerns related to the shipment process.

Process and Limitations

Dropping off a USPS package at a UPS location generally involves completing the necessary postage, labeling the package properly, and providing any required insurance or tracking information. However, ensure that the package meets the size and weight limitations, and is compatible with the specific UPS location chosen.

Although UPS handles USPS packages in partnership with USPS, there may be potential drawbacks that customers should be aware of. One potential limitation is the likelihood of extended delivery times, as the package must first be transported from the UPS facility to the corresponding USPS facility before being processed. Moreover, while lost packages are a rare occurrence, customers should be aware that responsibility for these packages might be divided between UPS and USPS, leading to complications in handling lost or damaged items.

In summary, UPS locations offer several options for dropping off USPS packages, including UPS Stores, Access Points, Drop Boxes, and Customer Centers. However, there may be specific restrictions and limitations in place regarding package size, delivery times, and liability in case of lost or damaged items.

USPS Items Not Accepted at UPS Locations

While you can typically drop off USPS packages at UPS stores, there are certain limitations and restrictions you should be aware of to avoid any inconvenience.

Prohibited Items

Some items are not allowed to be shipped via USPS and hence cannot be accepted at UPS locations for USPS delivery. Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Radioactive materials
  • Toxic or infectious substances
  • Illegal substances and controlled substances
  • Certain types of batteries
  • Alcoholic beverages

Before attempting to drop off your USPS package at a UPS location, ensure that it does not contain any prohibited items.

Size and Weight Limitations

USPS packages also have size and weight limitations in place. If your package exceeds these limits, it may not be accepted at a UPS location for USPS delivery. Some of the general size and weight limitations include:

  • Maximum weight: 70 lbs
  • Maximum length: 108 inches
  • Maximum length + girth (length + 2 x (width + height)): 130 inches

Different USPS services may have their own specific size and weight restrictions, so it is essential to check whether your package fits within the allowable dimensions and weight before dropping it off at a UPS location.

To sum it up, while UPS stores may accept USPS packages, it is essential to consider the limitations and restrictions associated with USPS deliveries, such as prohibited items and size and weight limitations. By being mindful of these factors, you can ensure a smooth delivery process for your package and avoid any potential issues.

Costs and Fees Associated with USPS and UPS Services

Pricing for USPS Services at UPS Locations

When shipping USPS packages through UPS locations, the pricing may vary depending on the type of service, weight, and dimensions of the package. Customers can choose from a range of USPS services, such as Priority Mail or First-Class Mail, which offer different pricing and delivery timeframes. The USPS Shipping Calculator can help estimate the cost of shipping based on various factors including destination, weight, and dimensions.

In addition to the standard USPS rates, UPS locations may also charge a surcharge for processing USPS packages. These fees cover the overhead costs of UPS serving as a convenient access point for USPS services. It’s essential to check with your local UPS Store to determine what additional fees may apply.

Additional Fees and Charges

Both USPS and UPS offer extra services that come with additional costs. Some of these services can enhance the shipping experience, such as delivery confirmation, insurance, or signature confirmation. For instance, insurance can safeguard the value of the package in case of loss or damage, while signature confirmation assures the sender that the package was delivered to the intended recipient. The costs for these add-ons depend on the specific service chosen and the declared value of the item being shipped. However, it’s essential to remember that optional services may increase the overall shipping costs.

One major factor to consider when comparing USPS and UPS services is the size and weight restrictions. USPS has strict limitations on package dimensions and weight, which affect pricing. It’s crucial to be aware of these restrictions to avoid any unexpected fees or refusal of service. In contrast, UPS typically has a more flexible size and weight policy, allowing customers to ship larger or heavier items with ease.

In conclusion, shipping USPS packages through UPS locations can be a convenient choice for customers. However, it’s essential to be aware of the associated costs, fees, and potential restrictions. By comparing the two services, customers can make an informed decision that caters to their specific shipping needs.

Alternative Drop-Off Options

When shipping packages, it’s essential to know your options. Aside from dropping off USPS packages at UPS, there are alternative drop-off locations you can consider to ease the shipping process. This section explores two plausible alternatives: Post Offices and FedEx Locations.

Post Offices

Post offices are the primary locations for dropping off USPS packages. They offer a wide array of services, including domestic and international shipping. Additionally, post offices provide various shipping options, such as priority mail, priority mail express, and retail ground.

When dropping off packages at a post office, customers benefit from the correct carrier handling their USPS shipments. This ensures the proper processing and delivery of the packages. Furthermore, post offices often have longer hours of operation, which can be more convenient for users with busy schedules.

FedEx Locations

Another alternative to UPS for dropping off USPS packages is FedEx locations. The partnership between FedEx and USPS, known as FedEx SmartPost, allows customers to drop off USPS packages at select FedEx facilities, such as FedEx Office and FedEx Ship Centers.

FedEx locations can be practical for individuals seeking faster shipping options for their domestic and international packages. By using their extensive network, FedEx provides expedited shipping services that may not be readily available at USPS locations. Customers can benefit from these services by dropping off their USPS packages at participating FedEx locations. However, it’s crucial to check whether the FedEx facility accepts USPS shipments before using this alternative.

Both Post Offices and FedEx Locations offer alternative drop-off points for USPS packages, making it more convenient for customers to send their shipments. These options cater to various shipping needs, ensuring that packages reach their destinations efficiently and within the desired timeframe.

What Happens If You Put a USPS Package In a UPS drop box?

If you accidentally drop off a USPS package at a UPS drop box, there is a high likelihood that it will be transferred back to USPS, but it may experience a slight delay. During the transfer, the package is at the mercy of its handlers, and tracking information may not be available until it is scanned by USPS.

However, intentionally using UPS as a substitute for USPS drop-offs can inconvenience the recipient and increase the risk of the package going missing. It’s best to drop off USPS packages directly with USPS for faster scanning and easier tracking.

What If You Drop A UPS Box At Post Office?

If you accidentally drop off a UPS package at a USPS location, there’s no need to worry. USPS will typically give the package to UPS when they come by to collect mail or drop off packages. The package may experience a delay, but it will eventually be re-entered into the system and delivered by UPS. It is a common occurrence, and both companies have processes in place to handle such situations.

Can you mail USPS at UPS Store?

Yes, it is generally possible to drop off USPS packages at a UPS store. Most UPS stores have private mailboxes and can handle USPS packages that are accidentally dropped off there. In such cases, UPS employees typically set aside the USPS package and deliver it to the USPS later on. This practice is more common than one might think, and UPS stores are usually accommodating when it comes to handling USPS packages.

However, it’s essential to note that UPS stores are not official USPS drop-off locations, so it’s always better to take your USPS packages directly to a USPS facility for more reliable and accurate processing.

Can I Drop Off USPS Returns at UPS?

In most cases, you cannot directly drop off USPS returns at a UPS store, as UPS and USPS are separate entities with different shipping services and guidelines. Instead, you should take the return package to a USPS facility or authorized USPS drop-off point. This ensures your return package is processed correctly and in a timely manner without any potential delays.

While it may be more convenient to drop off all your packages at a single location, it is always best to respect each carrier’s guidelines and follow the appropriate procedures for each, ensuring a smoother shipment process.

Trade-offs Of Dropping Off USPS Packages At UPS


  • It offers time-saving benefits if there is a UPS facility nearby, saving driving time compared to finding a USPS location.
  • Some UPS stores have extended hours, providing the convenience of dropping off packages outside of regular USPS hours.
  • Regular use of UPS services may make customers eligible for shipping discounts, resulting in potential cost savings.


  • Not all UPS stores or facilities accept packages with USPS labels, limiting the options for dropping off USPS parcels.
  • Choosing UPS over USPS may lead to longer transit times for the package to reach its destination.
  • There is a possibility of higher shipping costs when using UPS instead of USPS.
  • Due to the absence of a drop-off record, there is a risk of the package going missing.
  • It is important to note that not all UPS facilities accept packages with USPS shipping labels.
  • UPS workers may need to transfer the packages to the appropriate shipping company, potentially causing delays in delivery.


In summary, it is generally possible to drop off USPS packages at UPS locations. Many UPS stores accept USPS packages without any issues, as a complementary service free of charge. This can be a convenient solution for individuals who need to ship a package but do not have access to a nearby USPS location.

UPS has a program called “UPS Mail Innovations” that allows customers to drop off USPS packages at UPS locations. To take advantage of this program, you may need to contact your local UPS Store or Customer Center. With over 60,000 UPS locations worldwide, there is a high likelihood of finding a location near you that accepts USPS packages.

This option of dropping off USPS packages at UPS is useful for people who want to save time and effort in handling their shipments. Nonetheless, it is essential to verify with your local UPS location if they accept USPS packages to avoid any potential issues.

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