Can You Drop off UPS Packages at Staples?

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UPS has partnered with Staples, offering customers convenient drop-off locations for their packages. This collaboration, part of the UPS Access Point program, allows select Staples stores to become official UPS drop-off points. The initiative simplifies shipping tasks for users shopping for office supplies, though some may have questions about its procedures and tracking.

drop off UPS at staples

Can You Drop off UPS Packages at Staples?

Yes, you can drop off prepaid UPS packages at participating Staples stores. In 2023, numerous Staples have joined the UPS Access Point program. For label printing, visit Staples an hour post-opening or pre-closing. This collaboration offers shipping convenience during regular shopping. Confirm with local Staples for specific guidelines.

How Do I Drop a UPS Package off at Staples?

To drop off a UPS package at Staples:

  1. Verify Participation: Before heading to Staples, ensure that your local store is a participating location of the UPS Access Point program. Not all Staples locations may offer this service.
  2. Locate a Participating Store: There are a few ways to do this:
    • UPS Website: Visit the UPS website and use their map tool. Input your zip code or allow your device to access your location. Look for locations labeled as “UPS Access Point”. Staples stores that are participating in the program will be listed under this category.
    • Staples Website: Go to the Staples website and use the “find a store” tool (typically a red button on the left-hand side). This should list out Staples stores near you that participate in the UPS Access Point program.
  3. Package Guidelines:
    • The package should be prepaid and labeled. The UPS Access Point generally only accepts packages that are prepaid.
    • The package cannot exceed 20 kg (44 pounds) in weight.
    • The package length cannot be more than 80 cm.
  4. In-Store Process:
    • Pre-labeled Package: If your package already has a label, you can simply drop it off at the counter or in the designated UPS bin at Staples.
    • Need a Label or Shipping Service: If you require assistance with printing a label or selecting a suitable shipping service, approach the counter. A Staples associate will be available to assist you.
    • Additional Services: Staples also provides packaging and shipping services. If you haven’t already packaged your item, they can assist with that too.
  5. Additional Information: Before dropping off, you might want to check out the various shipping services Staples offers to ensure you are making the most informed choice. Staples’ website provides a detailed resource on this.

Remember, using a UPS Access Point like Staples can provide a convenient way to ship or return items, especially if you’re already planning a trip to the store. Always check the guidelines and ensure you’re following the right procedure for a smooth experience.

When Can I Drop off a UPS Package at Staples?”

You can drop off a prelabelled, prepaid UPS package at Staples during the store’s regular business hours. Most Staples locations are typically open for at least 11 hours a day, with common hours being from 9 am to 8 pm. However, the exact hours can vary depending on the specific location.

Finding Store Hours: To determine the operating hours of a particular Staples store, you can visit the Staples website and utilize the “store locator” or “set your store” tool. By inputting your location or desired store, you’ll be able to view the store’s hours and also confirm whether that location offers UPS Access Point services.

Dropping Off Your Package: If you’re dropping off a prelabelled, prepaid UPS package, the process is straightforward. In many cases, you can place the package in a designated bin without needing assistance from a store associate. However, if you do require assistance or have questions, store associates are available to help.

Does It Cost More to Ship UPS From Staples?”

No, there is no additional charge for simply dropping off a pre-labeled UPS package at Staples. If you are printing your labels at home and using Staples as a UPS Access Point, there won’t be any extra fees associated with that service.

However, if you are choosing to ship directly from Staples and utilize their packaging services, you should expect to pay for the packaging materials at their retail price, in addition to the cost of shipping. As an example of shipping costs, a package weighing 1 lb would cost $8.44 for 2-4 business days of delivery, and the price increases with the weight of the package.

Staples does not charge hidden fees for printing UPS labels, but it’s always a good idea to call your local Staples store to get an exact understanding of their pricing menu.

Additionally, if you have a free UPS My Choice account, there are benefits to consider:

  1. You can bill your shipping expenses to your UPS account directly when shipping from Staples.
  2. You can order labels online from a Staples store and have them delivered to your door at no extra charge.
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