Does USPS Mark Delivered Before Delivery?

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Have you got a question, “Does USPS mark delivered before the delivery of my package?

Well, the answer is Yes.

USPS mark delivered


Example situations of USPS mark delivered before the delivery

If a package is delivered to you with no signature or identification on it and you’re not the original recipient, it’s considered delivered before delivery is issued.

If a package with a valid U.S. Postal Service address is delivered to you and the U.S. Postal Service has issued a delivery receipt, it’s considered delivered before delivery is issued. This means that you can’t get the package back unless the service marks are delivered.

In the case the package isn’t in your possession, you must have the U.S. Postal Service issue an “expedited delivery” label to prove delivery.


Is USPS responsible for lost packages in case the USPS mark is delivered?

The United States Postal Service delivers packages. That’s just how it works as described in the postal code. It’s a simple matter of USPS delivering your package as directed when you place your order online through USPS. This may not be true in certain cities, but it is the best available delivery service for most domestic packages as USPS is the largest and the most widely used postal service in the world.

The USPS website has an itemized list for tracking your package through the mail. If the package is lost, USPS should have a tracking number for a period of time. Since USPS can’t guarantee your package will reach its destination, tracking is very helpful when a package is lost. Even if you had it delivered and it hasn’t reached your address, USPS can provide you with the tracking number if you call USPS Customer Service at 800-275-8777.


How do I report a lost package to USPS?

  1. Open the Settings of your USPS app (if you’re lucky enough to have one) and look at the “Delivery Options” section. By default, you can select “receive a package.” Click the checkbox beside “Receive a package after pickup“.
  2. Now USPS will have to make sure that your lost package shows up once it’s been picked up at the post office. They’ll need to re-create the package at a special pickup time in a special location and in your name. Just the process of receiving it will make USPS happy.

To receive a lost package on your end:

  1. Open the Settings of your USPS app.
  2. Go to the “Delivery Options” section.
  3. Under the heading, “Receive a package when your package shows up”, select “Select delivery options when missing.” This option turns on the “Re-evaluate lost package” option.
  4. For the second part of the option, select “Select delivery location where you know it arrived“. This should be where the package came from if you’re lucky you know that.



There you’ve got the answer to “Does USPS mark delivered before the delivery?”. We hope this post has made it clear regarding your question. If you would like to know about USPS Informed Delivery, please feel free to read this article.

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