What is “Your Mailbox Needs Attention” (PS Form 4056) Form?

PS Form 4056: USPS stands for United States Postal Services, which is basically the postal service department of the US Federal executive body. USPS is one of the ace postal services in the world with another giant in the queue such as FedEx, UPS, etc.

Being the federal government body the people keep their full faith in the services of USPS and the postal department also doesn’t disappoint its customers. There are various types of services provided by USPS to its customers so that they don’t face any kind of inconvenience in the course.

PS Form 4056

Here in this article, we are basically going to discuss one such service of USPS attempting to mend inappropriate conditions of parcel mailbox, which causes difficulty for the USPS to pick and deliver the parcel for its customers.

What is PS Form 4056?

USPS basically describes the deliverable or the acceptable size of the parcels mailbox, where the postal department will deliver the mails and parcels for the customers.

Sometimes the customers don’t maintain the mailbox in the incorporate condition such as the unacceptable size of the mailbox, wrongly placing of the box, poor condition of the mailbox, etc which causes difficulty for the postal department to deliver the parcel rightly.

In such a scenario, USPS basically dispatches a form called *PS Form 4056* to the concerned customer on whose name the parcel mailbox is registered. This service is what actually known as the PS Form 4056 service of USPS to mend the unacceptable condition of parcel mailbox at the door of customers.

This service is also termed as the *Your Mailbox Needs Attention* which is a kind of form filled and dispatched by the Postmaster of the region on the behalf of USPS.

In this form, Postmaster fills the whole description of the mailbox and also states the reasons, as to why the mailbox is not in a deliverable state, and then the form is dispatched to the customers.

What are the Reasons for Parcel Non-Acceptance in PS Form 4056 or “Your Mailbox Needs Attention”?

Well, yes there is a set of some common causes or the reasons to why the PS Form 4056 is issued by Postmaster on behalf of USPS. Here below we are stating some of the common reasons behind this form.

  • PS Form 4056 may be issued to the customer if the mailbox of the customer is not in the approved box as is suggested by the USPS.
  • If the box of the parcel is not waterproof then this aspect may bind the Postmaster to send the PS Form 4056 to the customer due to safety concerns of the parcel in accordance to the policy of USPS.
  • USPS attaches the signal flag on its each and every parcel and if the signal flag is not in working condition then this matter may be brought in the notice of Customer by using the PS 4056 form.
  • If the Mailbox is not approved by the Postmaster at the very first place then it is obvious that Postmaster will issue this form to customers.
  • If you have fixed your parcel mailbox excessively near to the road then Postmaster will discard the location of the mailbox by dispatching you the form PS 4056.
  • If the Postmaster feels that your mailbox is in the replacement state then you may also receive the notice in Form 4056 from the postal department.

So, these are some of the most common reasons which may push or bind the Postmaster to issue PS form 4056 to its customers citing the reasons concerning the Mailbox of the customer. We urge you to take care of your Mailbox in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience from the USPS services, which may cause delays to your important mail or parcel.

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