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If you need to send a package, you may wonder how long UPS standing shipping is. In this article, you will get an answer to this question and know whether UPS standard shipping is the right choice for you.


What is UPS Standard Shipping?

In the simplest definition, standard shipping is the shipping method that is most likely to get the package to you within one or two days after placing the order. The most popular delivery method used by UPS is same-day shipping. UPS guarantees same-day delivery if your order is placed before 9 a.m.


A UPS shipment may be designated “standard shipping” for UPS customers if the customer is shipping more than one package and only one package is scheduled to be delivered at the same time. What happens when the packing service and the delivery service ship the package together? Normally, in case of the same time interval, UPS will not ship the same package more than once within the same day. UPS will not be responsible for a package that has not been checked in with UPS for at least 10 days. What is UPS overnight shipping? UPS overnight shipping is the shipping service when the package is loaded onto an express vehicle for overnight delivery. This service is offered only by UPS-served locations. The location where this service is offered depends on the time zone.

UPS Shipping Times & Cost

How long is UPS Standard Shipping?

Although UPS charges by weight, they prefer to ship packages first by standard and second by UPS Express Saver depending on the size and weight. In most cases, UPS standard shipping takes one to two business days from the time the package is placed on the truck. But if you are sending to the US, this time varies. If you need to send packages to the US, it is recommended to fill the box as fully as you can. Most of the time, standard UPS shipping is less expensive than express shipping, but if you are shipping expensive items, you will pay more for shipping.


What does UPS Standard Shipping cost?

Usually, shipping is not very expensive for sending things to other countries. There are no standard rates for shipping items to a particular country. However, you should know that getting things like books, games, and electronics on a UPS truck is not always very cheap. UPS standard shipping has many rules regarding how long and how much things can be weighed. This means that the weight limit is different for each package. For example, you can’t ship a package of 20 kg if the shipment’s weight limit is 15 kg. There are, however, no weight restrictions if the shipment’s weight limit is at least 30 kg. This information is crucial for UPS standard shipping and it can be helpful for you to estimate how long your package will take to be delivered.



If you need to ship packages that will be delivered after a certain date, you should take a look at UPS delivery dates. You will get to know how long ]standing shipping is and how much the shipping cost per package is.

If you would like to know more about UPS shipping time & cost, you may find this article helpful.

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