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What Time Will FedEx Deliver My Package? Is there a time in which FedEx will deliver my package to my doorstep? When ordering a package from FedEx, you can expect it to be delivered. There is no set timeframe for when your package will be delivered, but FedEx will typically deliver your package within two days from when it was shipped. These times are dependent on the time of day that the package was shipped. If you’re checking with FedEx to find out when your package will be delivered, you can call them at 1-800-463-3339.

what time will fedex deliver my package

How to find out when your package will be delivered

Don’t know when your package will be delivered? No worries! You can just give them a call at any of the FedEx Express Services in the US. But, they will not deliver packages if they are not within their delivery zone. You can monitor FedEx delivery time anywhere in the world by downloading the FedEx app and opening it with your e-mail or phone. All you need to do is follow the instructions on your mobile. You can get FedEx shipping updates on the website, too. The shipping company also has an iOS app available for Apple users. All the updates on your shipment will show up on the app when you are near the pickup location.


How much is it to deliver a package?

The delivery cost is the flat rate charge when we deliver a package from the time of delivery until delivery confirmation. FedEx Express Delivery Service is typically billed when the package is actually delivered (especially if FedEx has committed to delivering the package to you by a specific date).


FedEx Delivery Times for Different Parts of the US Section

If you would like to know about the specific time FedEx will deliver your package, simply log into the FedEx.com website. Once there, you will be directed to a dashboard where you can locate the tracking numbers for your package. After this, you will be provided with a screenshot of the delivery status of your package.


For example, if you purchased something from an online retailer, you can simply take a screenshot of the tracking number and then simply type the tracking number into the FedEx Delivery Website search bar. From there, you will have the option of tracking the progress of your package, checking FedEx.com or even tracking your package on the FedEx app.


Does FedEx offer 24-hour same-day service?

Yes, FedEx offers same-day service, and you can order same-day service when the package is eligible to be delivered that day. When you are an authorized FedEx shopper, you have the option of selecting FedEx Same Day service for packages delivered to addresses within the 48 contiguous U.S. locations. Same-day service can deliver packages Monday through Friday.


What to do if your package is delayed

Let me first say that your parcel will not get lost. However, you will be notified if FedEx’s delivery service is delayed. The purpose is to give you enough time to fix any issue that may be preventing your package from reaching its destination.


To get a FedEx package delivered, simply log on to the FedEx website. Click the customer service option and you will see the option to track your package’s progress to your home or office. You can track it for 24 hours, seven days or up to 5 business days from the delivery point. The delivery point can be a retail store, an office, a store, a shipping centre, a UPS hub or a customer service centre.


What to do if your package is lost

If your package does not arrive on time or is lost, you have a few options: The package may have been left at a shipping facility. Or it could have been delivered to the incorrect address. If this is the case, please contact the delivery company using the address provided in the tracking number. There may be no problem and your package may have simply been returned to the sender. But if you’re concerned, then contact FedEx’s Customer Service at 1-800-FedEx.


What is the FedEx tracking number?

The tracking number is the part of the order delivery package that you need to find before placing your order. FedEx usually states the tracking number in the delivery confirmation email. However, it is best to check the tracking number on the delivery confirmation before you place your order.


How can I find my FedEx tracking number?

You can track your package’s progress at any time by logging onto FedEx.com. The tracking number will be linked to your account, which is located on the account holder’s online account webpage.



Many online businesses have effective technology that offers customers fast shipping services. They can now receive their packages in just a few days after they have been purchased. If you have just found out that you are in a predicament and don’t have the option of fast delivery, you can always order something fast and get it delivered fast as well.

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