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What if you have been waiting for your package and it is getting late and dark in the day? You’ll want to know where it is and how late UPS delivers, especially if the package is a lovely gift from your loved ones or a product that you finally purchased online. If you are wondering, “How late does UPS deliver?”  or “What’s the latest time does UPS deliver on Saturday?” then you’ll find answers in this article. So, keep reading!


How Late Does UPS Deliver On Saturday? 

Most UPS drivers start their shift at around 9:00 am. And while UPS doesn’t guarantee delivery times, most packages are delivered by 7:00 pm for residential customers. For business customers, there’s typically no UPS Saturday delivery as most of them are closed on weekends. So if you’re expecting a UPS delivery, chances are it will arrive sometime between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. Also, the latest time can be 8:00 pm on Saturday evening.

If you’re wondering how long it takes UPS to deliver packages, you can find the time estimate to receive your package on the UPS tracking page, but sometimes it’s more or less than this estimated time. If you are not home, your package will be delivered to another address, and the next day’s deliveries will be affected.

how late does UPS deliver


How Late Does UPS Deliver On Sunday?

The answer to this question is that UPS delivers on Sunday until 8:00 pm. This means that if you have a package that needs to be delivered on Sunday, you will need to send it out through UPS Express Critical in order for it to arrive on time.


What Are The Hours That UPS Delivers?

As mentioned previously, UPS typically delivers packages between the hours of 9:00 am and 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday for residential addresses. On the other hand, for business addresses, the UPS delivery hours are different and they are generally between 9:00 am and the closing time of the businesses from Monday to Friday. However, delivery times may vary depending on the specific locations. In addition, the hours may depend on the types of delivery services you select. For instance, the next day’s deliveries are not guaranteed for any location, so you will need to contact UPS to find out when your package will be delivered.


Why Does UPS Deliver So Late?

Now that you can answer the question “How late does UPS deliver?”, you may be wondering why UPS delivers so late. It’s because UPS trucks have been sent all over the country to get your package to you. They’re up in the air. They’re driving at least 100 miles per hour. A UPS driver with a computer knows exactly when the package is going to be delivered, and they won’t be going over 90 mph in the dark, if at all.

With today’s sophisticated UPS tracking systems, a driver can actually see the package as it moves along its journey, which can be nearly 100% accurate because they can follow the package. UPS even has computers that track the package on satellite maps, which makes it easy to find the package once it arrives at your house.


What Happens If My Package Is Delivered And I Wasn’t Home?

how late does ups deliver

If your package is delivered to the other side of the neighbourhood, you can track the package in real-time online with the UPS tracking service. Here’s how to verify parcel deliveries on the UPS mobile app. If you don’t have UPS mobile app, downloaded on your phone, then you can now track your packages. The company now has real-time tracking for almost two million items. With the new location feature of the app, you can pinpoint the exact location of your package. If you don’t receive the tracking info and it is time to make a trip to your home or office to pick it up, you can go directly to the tracking information by calling UPS Customer Relations. Real-time Tracking also can be used to find out if your package was delivered and if not, it can tell you where it is.


Can I Cancel A Delivery?

If you know you won’t be home or are not able to make it home on the delivery day, you may be able to cancel the delivery. A notification will be sent to you letting you know the delivery will be made that day and when you can expect to receive the package. Keep in mind that you cannot change the scheduled delivery time.


In Conclusion

We hope that this post has answered the question, “How late does UPS deliver?” and shed some light on UPS delivery times for your precious package. We also hope it will make your life easier! UPS doesn’t always deliver in the evening. That’s why you need to calculate your delivery time before your order. While you might not order all your items until after lunch, you do need to know that you could be waiting until the next day or even longer.

We are happy to help. If you want to share your experience with UPS, please feel free to make a comment below. You may also want to read our article regarding UPS delivery.

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