What does ARO mean in shipping? (Payment and Delivery Terms)

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ARO, or “After Receipt of Order,” is a critical term in shipping and e-commerce, delineating payment timelines and delivery expectations. As online transactions differ from over-the-counter purchases, understanding ARO is pivotal. This article delves into its significance, highlighting its impact on payment terms, delivery estimates, and the broader e-commerce landscape.

What is ARO

What does ARO mean in shipping?

ARO stands for “After Receipt of Order” in the context of shipping and e-commerce. It serves multiple purposes:

  1. Payment Terms: ARO specifies the period post the receipt of an order when payment becomes due. If an ARO term is established between the buyer and seller, the payment might be expected a set number of days after the order is placed. For instance, if the term is “15 days ARO”, payment would be due 15 days after the buyer places an order. More on ARO Payment Terms
  2. Delivery Estimates: Deliveries are frequently cited as A.R.O., meaning that the estimated delivery timeline begins once the seller receives a written purchase order. This helps sellers set expectations with buyers about when they should anticipate receiving their ordered items. More on ARO Delivery Estimates
  3. E-commerce Context: When buying goods or services online, the transaction process might extend for several weeks. Unlike instantaneous over-the-counter purchases, online transactions involve steps like address verification, payment method validation, and actual delivery. ARO is crucial in this context as it denotes the period a customer might wait to receive an order or the timeframe within which a buyer should complete the payment. More about Online Transactions

It’s essential to understand the term ARO, especially when navigating e-commerce, as it sets clear expectations regarding payment and delivery timelines between the buyer and seller. Besides, the term coexists with other e-commerce terminologies like billing and clearance, making it vital for both parties in an online transaction.

ARO plays a pivotal role in streamlining online transactions by establishing clear payment and delivery guidelines. Read more about ARO in E-commerce

What does ARO stand for in shipping?

ARO stands for “After Receipt of Order” in shipping. It indicates the period after which the payment is expected once an order has been received. Additionally, ARO helps clarify both delivery and payment terms by stating the commencement of the payment timeline. More about ARO

What does “Days ARO” mean?

“Days ARO” refers to the number of days after the receipt of an order within which the customer will receive their ordered materials and/or services. It sets a timeline for deliveries post the receipt of an order. More about Days ARO

How does ARO relate to payment terms?

ARO, in the context of payment terms, denotes the period post the receipt of an order when payment becomes due. It is a commonly used term that indicates the due period for a payment after an order has been received by the seller. More about payment terms


In the intricate world of e-commerce and shipping, ARO – “After Receipt of Order” – stands as a cornerstone, guiding payment and delivery expectations. It not only sets clear timelines for payments and deliveries but also ensures a seamless online transaction experience. Recognizing ARO’s significance ensures informed and smooth digital shopping experiences for both buyers and sellers.

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