Decoding Shein Shipping: From ‘In Dispatch’ to Delivery Delays

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Dive into the intricacies of Shein’s order and dispatch system. From understanding what it means when your order is “In Dispatch”, navigating through potential dispatch delays, to the specifics of delivery timelines and the “Urging Dispatch” feature, this comprehensive guide unveils the nuances of Shein’s shipping process to enhance your shopping experience.

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What does it mean when my Shein order is in dispatch?

When your Shein order is “In Dispatch”, it signifies that the order has been consolidated, packed, and is poised for shipment. Shein’s team is actively processing your order, and while most stock originates from China, different parts of the order may arrive in separate packages. The “In Dispatch” status indicates the package has departed the distribution center and is en route to you, with an expectation of same-day arrival upon seeing this update. Additionally, “urging dispatch” means Shein is prompting the shipping provider to expedite the delivery to ensure timely arrival at your designated address.

Why is my Shein package stuck in dispatch?

If your Shein package appears to be “stuck in dispatch”, it’s a common occurrence many shoppers experience. Several users have reported delays, with packages remaining in transit for extended periods before eventually moving.

Some have noticed movement in their package’s status after nearly two weeks. If the package doesn’t arrive by the delivery date provided by Shein, you have the option to seek a refund. Submitting a lost mail form with USPS has proven beneficial for some, leading to an update within a couple of days.

Some users recommend using alternative tracking platforms like parcelsapp for more accurate updates. It’s also worth noting that unless you opt for expedited shipping, standard delivery may encounter such delays. Fast fashion brands like Shein sometimes experience inconsistent shipping speeds, but patience usually pays off. If urgent, consider paying for expedited shipping in the future.

How long is a Shein package in dispatch?

Shein’s delivery timeline for packages varies based on the shipping method chosen and the destination. On average, Shein’s shipping time spans from 1 to 3 weeks. Specifically:

  • Economy Shipping: Takes approximately 3-4 weeks.
  • Standard Shipping: Typically ranges between 2-3 weeks.
  • Express Shipping: Quicker, taking about 1-2 weeks.

After placing an order, it takes 1-3 business days for the seller to process it. If you’re in Asia, you can expect a faster delivery due to the proximity to where the items are manufactured. However, for regions like Europe and North America, the delivery is average. Orders to remote areas might take longer. Always refer to the “Estimated Delivery Time” in Shein’s tracking feature for a more accurate timeline. If your order shows an “In Dispatch” status, it’s on its way and could potentially arrive the same day. If there’s a delay, it’s recommended to contact Shein’s customer service within three months.

What is Shein urging dispatch?

“Urging Dispatch” on Shein refers to a feature where Shein notifies the shipping provider to prioritize and expedite the delivery of the customer’s order. By “urging dispatch,” Shein aims to ensure that the orders reach the delivery address within the estimated time of arrival. Essentially, it’s a way to speed up the delivery process once an order has been placed.

For an in-depth guide, consult our article titled “Fast-Tracking Your Order: Decoding SHEIN’s ‘Urging Dispatch’ Feature.”


Shein’s shipping and dispatch processes encompass various stages, each carrying its significance. While “In Dispatch” is a promising sign of an impending delivery, understanding potential delays and being equipped with alternate tracking solutions can alleviate shipping anxieties. Always remember, Shein’s “Urging Dispatch” is a dedicated feature to prioritize and hasten your order’s journey. Happy shopping!

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