Can I ship directly to a UPS store? (Comprehensive Guide to Shipping to UPS Stores)

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Wondering about the feasibility of shipping to a UPS store? Dive into this comprehensive guide that not only addresses direct shipping through UPS but also highlights specifics about Amazon, Newegg, and even FedEx deliveries to UPS store locations. Ensure your packages are secure, while also understanding potential fees and policies.

Can I ship directly to a UPS store?

Yes, you can ship directly to a UPS store. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Mailbox Rental: Many UPS stores offer mailbox rentals, providing customers with a physical street address. This means you can send mail and packages of any type to that address. One thing to note is that access to your mailbox is limited to the UPS store’s business hours.
  2. UPS My Choice & Access Point: By signing up for a UPS My Choice account, users can redirect their shipments to an access point of their choice, which includes UPS stores and other third-party retailers participating in the UPS Access Point program. This is especially useful for situations where a signature is required, but the recipient may not be available.
  3. Arrangements with Individual UPS Stores: While all UPS stores are independently owned, many will receive packages for individuals if the arrangement is made in advance. This service often comes with a fee (typically starting around $5 or more) and it’s best to contact the specific UPS store in advance to confirm this service and any associated charges.
  4. Benefits of Using a UPS Store: Beyond simply receiving packages, using a UPS store address offers added benefits such as increased security for deliveries and access to other services, such as 3D printing in some locations.

Can I have Amazon ship to a UPS store?

Yes, you can have Amazon ship to a UPS store. However, there are multiple facets to this process:

  1. Notifying the Seller: If you’re buying from a third-party seller on Amazon, it’s a good idea to notify them that your desired delivery location is a UPS Store address. This way, they can ensure UPS is the courier for your package.
  2. UPS Store Policies: Each UPS Store is independently owned, and their policies can differ. Some UPS Stores might:
    • Charge a fee for non-mailbox customers to pick up packages.
    • Have size or quantity limits on packages they can receive for you.
    • Require an agreement or form to be signed before they can accept packages on your behalf.
  3. UPS My Choice: By becoming a member of UPS My Choice, you can manage and redirect your UPS deliveries to a UPS Store or another access point. This can be done even after the package is on its way, in some cases. It’s an effective tool, especially if you’re unsure of where you’ll be during the delivery window or if you want to ensure the security of your package.
  4. Package Handling Fees: Some UPS Stores may charge a small fee for handling packages if you don’t have a mailbox with them. This fee can vary but is usually a nominal amount.
  5. Amazon Returns via UPS: If you need to return an item to Amazon, some UPS Stores offer a service where they pack, label, and ship your return for free. When initiating a return on Amazon, you’d select the UPS Store Dropoff option.
  6. Safety and Security: Given the concern about ‘porch pirates’ in your neighborhood, using a UPS Store as a delivery point can be a safer alternative. However, it’s essential to have clear communication with the specific UPS Store you’re using to understand their terms, conditions, and potential charges.

In summary, while it is possible to have Amazon packages delivered to a UPS Store, it’s vital to establish clear communication with the specific store, understand any associated fees, and use tools like UPS My Choice for better package management.

Does Newegg ship to UPS Store?

Yes, Newegg offers the capability to ship orders directly to UPS Access point locations, which include certain local businesses such as CVS, Michaels, and UPS stores. Customers can take advantage of this service to ensure that their packages are kept safe until they can pick them up. However, if you’re considering having your Newegg order shipped to a specific UPS store, it’s recommended to call that store beforehand. While many UPS locations accept shipments for pick-up by non-mailbox holders, not all might offer this service. Always verify with the individual UPS location before finalizing the shipping address on your Newegg order.

Can I ship a FedEx package to a UPS store?

While FedEx and UPS are separate entities and do not accept each other’s packages directly, FedEx-Express and FedEx-Ground can and do deliver to The UPS Store. If someone has a mailbox at The UPS Store, they may be able to receive FedEx deliveries there. However, there are caveats:

  1. Communication: It’s important to check with the specific UPS store where the package is to be sent. They will have their own policies regarding accepting FedEx packages for mailbox customers or holding them for pick-up.
  2. Addressing: Ensure that the recipient’s name and mailbox number (if they have one) are clearly indicated on the shipping label.
  3. Pick-up: FedEx may not necessarily pick up a package from a UPS store, unless specific arrangements have been made.

If your buyer insists on having the guitar sent to a UPS store, confirm with that particular store that they will accept the FedEx shipment. Alternatively, to ensure a smooth process, consider shipping the guitar via UPS directly to the UPS store.

Lastly, while FedEx and UPS might have intercompany logistics arrangements in certain scenarios, for an individual shipper, it’s best to treat them as separate entities and follow the protocols for each.

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