UPS Access Point Locations: Your Complete Guide to Convenient Package Handling and Delivery

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Navigating the world of package delivery has never been easier thanks to UPS Access Point® locations. These third-party retail hubs, scattered conveniently across the nation, offer a secure and efficient solution for both dropping off and receiving packages. Dive in to understand the full scope, benefits, and workings of this innovative UPS service.

UPS Access point

What is a UPS Access Point Location?

A UPS Access Point® is essentially a third-party retail establishment that collaborates with UPS to offer package drop-off or delivery services. These locations are widespread and are typically found in local businesses such as grocery stores, gas stations, and other retailers. They are equipped with secure digital lockers, ensuring the safety and convenience of dropping off or picking up packages.

Key Features of UPS Access Point®:

  1. Third-Party Retail Collaboration: The UPS Access Point® is a service provided at third-party retail locations. They are local businesses that UPS has partnered with to offer package-related services. Learn more about UPS services.
  2. Secure Digital Lockers: These locations are equipped with digital lockers that guarantee the security of the packages. Merchants and customers alike can use these lockers for both dropping off and picking up their packages. Find your nearest UPS Access Point®.
  3. Convenience for Customers: These access points provide flexibility, allowing customers to pick up or drop off packages based on their schedules, eliminating the challenge of missed deliveries at home. They can simply enter the address of a UPS Access Point® as their preferred delivery location during checkout.
  4. Mitigation of Package Theft: One major advantage is the reduction in the risk of package theft. Since the packages are stored securely indoors, there’s a decreased likelihood of theft as compared to porch deliveries.
  5. Beneficial for Merchants: Merchants can utilize these access points to streamline their fulfillment processes. It provides an easy drop-off solution, saving time that would have been spent arranging pickups or visiting a UPS Store. Additionally, it ensures delivery success, enhancing customer satisfaction. Compare shipping rates with UPS.
  6. Easy Returns: The UPS Access Point® locations also facilitate easy returns for customers. Their convenience and availability make the return process seamless and efficient.
  7. Widespread Network: A simple search like “UPS Access Points near me” will reveal a vast network of UPS Access Point® locations spread across the US, providing ample options for both merchants and customers.

How Long Do Packages Stay at UPS Access Point?

Packages at a UPS Access Point® are typically held for five business days. If a package isn’t collected within this timeframe, it is then usually returned to the sender. In 2023, UPS stipulated that they could hold packages for up to 7 days under certain circumstances, such as by the request of the recipient, to obtain a signature, or to ensure the security of high-value packages.

Key Points:

  1. Standard Hold Duration: UPS Access Point® generally holds customer packages for five business days. If not picked up, the package may be returned to the merchant or sender.
  2. Extended Hold: As of 2023, UPS has the provision to hold a package for up to 7 days for specific reasons such as at the request of the recipient or to obtain necessary signatures.
  3. Returning to Sender: If packages are not collected within the 5-7 day window, they will be returned to the sender. The exact duration may sometimes vary based on the specific Access Point’s policies and space constraints.
  4. UPS My Choice Account: Customers wishing to request holds or have additional control over their deliveries can do so by creating a free UPS My Choice account. This account provides the flexibility to change delivery preferences and gives a clearer insight into the delivery process.

How Does a UPS Access Point Work?

A UPS Access Point® is a part of UPS’s broader strategy to offer customers more convenience and flexibility for receiving and returning packages. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how it works:

  1. Choosing the Delivery Location: At the time of placing an order online or shipping a package, customers can select a UPS Access Point™ as their preferred delivery location. These locations are usually local businesses, such as grocery stores or corner shops, making them convenient for customers to access.
  2. Notification System: Once the package arrives at the designated UPS Access Point®, the recipient will be notified. This ensures the recipient is aware and can collect the package at a time suitable for them.
  3. Package Collection: To collect the package, the customer will need to provide proof of identity, typically a photo ID, at the UPS Access Point®. The location might have a touchscreen kiosk, where the customer can enter the tracking number, UPS InfoNotice left by the driver, or UPS My Choice® delivery notification to access the package.

Difference Between UPS and UPS Access Point:

  • The UPS Store: Provides a wide range of services, from packaging to business services.
  • UPS Access Point: Specifically designed for drop-off or pickup of UPS packages at local businesses. It focuses on enhancing convenience for both shippers and receivers.
  • UPS Drop Boxes: Available 24/7, these are drop-off points for senders who want to dispatch packages at any time of the day.
  • UPS Customer Centers: This is an on-site UPS operating facility where customers can directly engage with UPS for services.

How Do I Pick Up a UPS Package from My Access Point?

Picking up a package from a UPS Access Point® is simple. Once your package is delivered, you’ll receive a notification. At the Access Point, provide a photo ID (like a driver’s license) that matches the package recipient’s name.

Some locations have a touchscreen kiosk where you can search for your package using the tracking number. You have 5 business days to collect your package, or it may be returned to the sender. Someone else can pick up on your behalf with proper ID and possibly additional documentation. For regular shippers, UPS offers various pickup options.

Why did my package go to a UPS access point?

Packages may be redirected to a UPS Access Point® for several reasons. Typically, if UPS can’t deliver a package to your home after three consecutive attempts, it will be sent to an affiliated Access Point like a local retail or tobacco shop.

This system ensures packages aren’t left unattended, reducing the risk of theft or damage. However, some customers have reported their packages being sent to Access Points after only one delivery attempt, which may be due to drivers aiming to complete their routes faster. If you’re unsatisfied with the delivery process, it’s recommended to contact UPS customer service to express concerns or request redelivery.

Does UPS pay you to be an access point?

Yes, UPS compensates local businesses to serve as Access Point locations. These businesses receive a small fee for each package they handle, serving as a supplementary revenue source.

As of 2015, UPS Stores received about $1 per package, while other non-branded volunteer locations earned slightly less. Besides the monetary benefit, serving as a UPS Access Point can increase foot traffic for the participating business, which might indirectly boost sales or services.

The exact terms of these financial agreements can vary, influenced by factors like volume, location, and services provided. For businesses, integrating UPS Access Point into online checkouts offers customers more flexibility in delivery options and enhances the overall shopping experience.


In an era prioritizing convenience and security, UPS Access Point® locations stand out as a game-changer. These third-party establishments not only offer a safe haven for packages but also amplify the flexibility for both merchants and customers. It’s a win-win model, redefining the future of package delivery and pickups in our bustling world.

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