Decoding FedEx’s 2023 Attendance, PTO, and Bereavement Policies: A Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding workplace policies is crucial for both employers and employees. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into FedEx’s 2023 Attendance, Paid Time Off (PTO), and Bereavement Leave protocols, shedding light on what employees can expect and how the company emphasizes consistent attendance and employee well-being.

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What Is FedEx’s Attendance Policy In 2023?

FedEx’s attendance policy emphasizes the importance of consistent attendance. Officially, employees can miss up to two days in a 30-day period without facing termination, with the 30-day count starting from the last day called off. However, the enforcement of this policy can vary. Some employees have experienced leniency, while others have faced stricter consequences. For example, three no-call no-shows can result in termination. It’s crucial for employees to communicate any absences promptly and effectively. To ensure a thorough understanding and avoid potential consequences, employees should refer to their official employment guidelines and communicate directly with their supervisors.

Does FedEx Care About Attendance?

FedEx places a high emphasis on attendance. Their policy is stringent; workers calling off, regardless of the reason, will typically receive an unexcused absence. Employees must notify at least two hours before their shift if they’ll be late or absent. New hires can call out twice without pay in their first 30 days but might face termination on the third time. While a single unexcused absence (like a no call no show) might not lead to immediate dismissal, it could result in a write-up. Continual absences can result in termination, but legitimate reasons for absences might not be recorded against the employee. FedEx requires its employees to maintain an attendance ratio of 96.92% over a year, with disciplinary actions for those falling short.

How Does FedEx’s PTO Work?

FedEx’s Paid Time Off (PTO) system allows package handler employees to earn 1 hour of PTO for every 20 hours they work. After completing 90 days of continuous service, employees can begin using their accrued PTO. This PTO serves as a “bank” for vacation, sick days, and personal time. At FedEx Ground, upon being hired, employees can earn up to three weeks of vacation, which increases to five weeks after 20 years of service. Any unused PTO is compensated at the close of the fiscal year. To use PTO, one must have at least 30 days of service, and requests for specific days off can be made online. However, there are some peak periods when taking PTO might be restricted.

When Can You Start Using PTO at FedEx?

At FedEx, package handler employees can start using PTO after 90 days of continuous service. For every 20 hours worked, they earn 1 hour of PTO. The program offers a “bank” of paid time off for vacation, sick, and personal needs. Any earned and unused PTO gets paid out at the end of the fiscal year. While at FedEx Ground, from the time of hire, employees can earn up to three weeks of vacation and, after 20 years of service, up to five weeks. However, to take PTO days, a minimum of 30 days work is required, and during peak seasons, only unpaid time can be taken.

Does FedEx Offer Bereavement Leave?

FedEx does offer bereavement leave to its employees. Throughout a relevant period, FedEx has provided all permanent employees up to three consecutive business days of paid funeral time off, known as “bereavement pay” or “bereavement leave,” to arrange and attend funerals or memorials for a deceased family member. Some employees have noted they were granted two days for an immediate family member’s funeral, while others received more flexible durations as needed. The actual length and terms might vary based on management discretion. Additionally, employees can request extended time by using their sick or PTO days. Bereavement leave helps employees cope with the emotional challenges and logistical tasks that arise from the loss of a loved one.

How Many Unexcused Absences Does FedEx Allow?

FedEx has a structured attendance policy, and unexcused absences play a role in employee evaluations. Employees are generally allowed three “no call no shows” before facing potential termination. For continuous attendance, FedEx requires employees to maintain a 96.92% attendance ratio over a twelve-month period. Falling below this threshold can lead to disciplinary actions. New hires on a part-time basis are permitted two call-outs without pay within a 30-day sliding window. Three call-outs within this timeframe may result in termination. It’s essential for employees to communicate effectively with their supervisors, but they are not obligated to provide detailed personal reasons for their absence.

How Do I Call off Work for FedEx?

To call off work at FedEx, you have a few options based on the research provided. First, you can dial the general FedEx hotline at (800) 463-3339. After connecting, wait for an agent and explain your intention to take leave, providing necessary personal details and reasons. However, experiences differ among employees; some have found success with this number, while others have not. It’s also recommended to obtain your specific location’s call-out number, ensuring it’s the correct one for your shift. Some employees suggest directly contacting your direct manager or supervisor to notify them of your absence. Always ensure your absence aligns with company policies to avoid unexcused absences.

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