Can FedEx Print a Label for You? Your Guide to Hassle-Free Shipping

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Caught without a printer and need to ship fast? No worries! FedEx offers convenient and affordable label printing services for those in a pinch. From QR codes to app-generated barcodes, this article will guide you through the seamless process. Dive in to explore FedEx’s solution to your shipping dilemmas.

Does FedEx Print Labels In 2023?

Yes, as of 2023, FedEx does offer label printing services. You can avail of this service at over 10,000 locations, including FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Centers, and even Walgreens. For those without a printer or looking for convenience, FedEx provides various methods for label generation and printing. You can email your label to the store for printing, which may come with a small fee, or print by scanning a QR code at no cost. Whether it’s through QR codes, mobile app-generated barcodes, or simple email, FedEx ensures a streamlined process for your shipping needs. Always remember to verify specific services and associated costs at your local FedEx point.

Can FedEx Print Shipping Labels?

Certainly! FedEx provides an array of convenient options for customers to print shipping labels. If you have a home printer, you can effortlessly print your own FedEx shipping label after ensuring you’re using the correct mailing label format, available online or directly from FedEx. For those without a printer at hand, worry not. You can visit a FedEx Office or participating FedEx Ship Center. At these locations, you can access your account via their self-service rental computers, where “Self Service Shipping Free to Access” allows you to print your label up to two times for free. Alternatively, save your shipping label barcode on your phone, and a FedEx team member can scan it to print your label in-store. They also support printing labels emailed to the store or labels generated from QR codes or barcodes. So, in summary, FedEx not only can but offers multiple avenues to print shipping labels for their customers.

How Does Printing Shipping Labels At FedEx Work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to print shipping labels at FedEx:

How to Print Shipping Labels at FedEx

Step 1: Begin by Creating a Shipping Label

  • Start by creating a shipping label through the FedEx app or online account.
  • Once done, you will receive a QR code. Save this QR code to your phone.

Step 2: Locate a FedEx Printing Service Near You

  • Use the FedEx store locator tool and input your zip code.
  • From the listed options, choose the most convenient FedEx location for you.
  • To filter only those locations offering printing services, click on the “Copy and Print” button.

Step 3: Visit the Selected FedEx Location

  • Head to your chosen FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Center, or participating Walgreens location.

Step 4: Choose Your Printing Method

  • For Email: If you have the shipping label in your email, approach a FedEx employee and ask for the store’s email address. Forward the label to the given email, and the employee will assist in printing it for you. Remember, there may be a small fee for this service.
  • For QR Code/Barcode: If you have the shipping label as a QR code or barcode on your phone, show it to the FedEx employee. They will scan the code and print the label for you at no extra cost.

Step 5: Complete the Printing Process

  • Ensure that all details on the label are correct.
  • Attach the label to your package, and it’s ready for shipping!

Additional Information:

  • You can have shipping labels linked to a QR code printed at over 10,000 participating FedEx Offices, FedEx Ship Centers, and Walgreens locations.
  • Some online stores, in collaboration with FedEx, offer return labels via email that come with QR codes. You can take this email to any participating FedEx or Walgreens store, and the associate will assist in printing the label for you.

This process ensures a smooth and convenient experience for customers looking to ship packages via FedEx. Whether you opt for the email or QR code method, FedEx offers an easy solution to your shipping needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Have FedEx Print A Shipping Label For You?

FedEx offers several methods for printing shipping labels, and the cost can vary based on the method you choose:

  1. Standard Printing (from QR code): If you have a shipping label as a QR code and bring it to a FedEx location, having the employee print the label from the QR code is free of charge.
  2. Email Printing: If you choose to email your shipping label to a FedEx location for printing, there’s a small fee involved. This fee typically falls under $2, but the exact amount might differ based on the specific location.
  3. Package Scanning: After your label is printed and attached to your package, the fee for the shipping service you’ve selected will be charged once the package enters the mail stream. This means when a FedEx representative scans the package, the associated shipping cost is billed to your account. It’s essential to ensure you’re not creating test labels, or you might incur unintended charges.
  4. Creating and Printing a New Label: If you don’t have a pre-existing label, FedEx can create one for you. Locations like FedEx Office, Office Depot, OfficeMax, FedEx Ship Center, or FedEx Authorized ShipCenter have this service. Employees will weigh your package, gather shipment details from you, and then create the label. The cost for this service will include both the label printing and the chosen shipping method. After paying, your package is ready for shipment!

In summary, while there might be a nominal fee for specific printing methods, FedEx offers free alternatives and can also assist in creating a new label if needed. Always verify the exact costs with your local FedEx location to ensure clarity.

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