Your Ultimate Guide to USPS Orientation: What to Expect & How to Prepare

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Starting a job with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and curious about their orientation process? This guide walks you through the significance of USPS orientation, what you should bring, its duration, compensation, dress code, and more. Learn how to navigate this critical step and set a positive tone for your new employment journey. Let’s dive in.

Does USPS orientation mean you’re hired?

Receiving an invitation to the USPS orientation typically means you’re hired. After the group interview where fingerprints and photos are taken, candidates usually receive an email about orientation within a week. Completing paperwork at the USPS station is also an indication of imminent hiring. The orientation generally spans three days, with each session lasting about 8 hours. Attendees are compensated for this period, and the payment is included in their first paycheck. It’s important to present oneself professionally during these sessions, wearing clean attire and closed-toe shoes. Adjustments or rescheduling of orientation might require prior notice or coordination with the relevant USPS department.

What should I bring to USPS orientation?

For the USPS orientation, it’s essential to come prepared. Based on the information provided:

  1. Commitment Letter: This letter is sent as part of your orientation email. Ensure you have it with you, as it may serve as an official document proving your invitation to the orientation.
  2. Identification: Bring two forms of government-issued ID. This could be a Real ID driver’s license, a passport, and a social security card. It’s crucial for verification purposes.
  3. Pens: You might need to fill out paperwork, so having a pen or two is a good idea.
  4. Proof of Auto Insurance: This is specifically for rural carriers who will be using their own vehicles for mail delivery.
  5. Water: Stay hydrated, especially if it’s going to be a long day.

It’s essential to be punctual and attentive during orientation as it sets the tone for your employment. If you need to reschedule, contact the person who set up your orientation in advance.

How long is USPS orientation?

USPS orientation consists of three days of classroom instruction, followed by a driving test and practical skills instruction. This means the orientation typically spans over several days, although the exact duration might vary depending on the schedule of driving tests and other related activities at the local Learning Development and Diversity center (LDDC).

Do you get paid for USPS orientation?

Yes, you will be paid for USPS orientation. USPS covers the cost of the orientation program. After attending and signing that you’ve received and accepted the orientation, you will be compensated for the time you spent during the orientation. It’s also advisable to monitor your first paycheck for the orientation charges. Furthermore, you will be reimbursed for mileage related to attending training classes, meetings, and other related events.

What do you wear to USPS orientation?

For USPS orientation, wear clean, neat clothes. Jeans or slacks with a button-down or sweater are suggested. On day two, dress confidently for an ID badge photo. Avoid tight, offensive, or revealing attire, and dangling jewelry. While color isn’t crucial, shoes must be enclosed, ideally leather. Avoid canvas sneakers, high heels, open-toed sandals, and other unsuitable footwear. Presentability is key for a positive impression.

  1. Dress appropriately with clothes that are clean, neat, and fit well. Jeans or slacks paired with a button-down shirt or sweater is suggested for your first few days.
  2. On the second day of orientation, you will likely take your ID badge picture, so it’s advised to wear something you feel confident and comfortable in.
  3. There are specific clothing items that are prohibited, including:
    • Clothing that is form-fitting or skin-tight.
    • Clothing with vulgar, offensive, or sexually explicit writing/graphics.
    • Revealing or provocative clothing, such as see-through shirts, tank tops, crop tops, or skirts/shorts that are more than 3 inches from mid-knee.
    • Dangling jewelry.
  4. While USPS is not stringent about clothing colors, it has strict rules about shoes:
    • Shoes should be fully enclosed at the toes, heels, and sides.
    • It is recommended to wear shoes made of leather or a substantial synthetic material, like work boots, construction boots, or combat boots. Though some might say shoes should be black, this policy isn’t strictly enforced.
    • Prohibited shoes include canvas or mesh sneakers, high heels or shoes with a heel more than 1.5 inches, open-toed sandals, flip-flops, jelly shoes, Crocs, slippers, and clogs.

It’s always a good practice to be presentable and professional, especially as you’re entering a new workplace and want to make a positive impression.

Can I reschedule USPS orientation?

Yes, you can reschedule USPS orientation. To do so, you should contact them more than 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If you miss this window, it’s essential to reach out to the contact name and number provided in your emails. While there’s a possibility they may have proceeded with other candidates, contacting HR directly is the best way to clarify and potentially secure a new orientation date.


Navigating the USPS orientation is a crucial step towards embarking on a fulfilling career journey. Armed with insights on the hiring process, preparation essentials, dress code, and more, you’re set to make a lasting impression. Remember, preparedness and professionalism are key. Here’s to a successful start with the USPS!

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