Will UPS Tape My Package? All You Need to Know

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Shipping packages safely and securely is a common concern for many. We often wonder if the service provider will go the extra mile to ensure our package is safely sealed and ready for transit. One of the most frequently asked questions in this realm is, “Will UPS tape my package?” Here’s everything you need to know.

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Will UPS Tape My Box for Me?

If you’re one of the many customers who opt for UPS over its competitors, it’s probably because of the various services they offer. While many of us don’t have packing tape at our disposal, the good news is that UPS usually seals packages. However, this is not a complimentary service. They do charge for the tape.

Some exceptions exist. There are instances where customers have reported that they weren’t charged, either because they knew the employee or because they opted for a particular package tier with UPS.

Are There Any Free Taping Services?

Yes, but it’s limited. Those who hold an account with UPS and choose either Selected Air or Worldwide Express services are eligible for free tape. But it’s essential to be aware that these services might be region-specific.

Once you have an account, you can explore UPS My Choice Memberships to see what’s available in your area. This service also allows users to track packages and select alternative drop-off points.

What About Returns with Amazon?

If you’re returning a purchase from Amazon, UPS will handle the return, including the packaging and taping of your boxes. This service is free as long as you bring a digital copy of your return slip.

For those looking for more benefits, UPS My Choice Premium offers a range of services for an annual fee of $19.99.

How Do Competitors Handle Taping?

Unlike UPS, competitors like the U.S. Postal Service will not tape your box. Instead, they might offer to sell you a roll of tape, often at a premium price. This can be inconvenient and is often perceived as a missed opportunity to provide superior customer service.

Guidelines for Packaging with UPS

While UPS offers several packaging solutions, it’s essential to:

  1. Use a sturdy box.
  2. Cushion the contents with bubble wrap or foam.
  3. Seal the package securely.
  4. Clearly label the package.


Can I Use My Own Packaging With UPS?

Yes, but ensure it’s sturdy and sealed properly.

Will UPS Provide Packaging Materials?

Yes, they offer various packaging materials for purchase.

Does UPS Provide Insurance?

Yes, they offer declared value coverage.

What If My Package Is Damaged?

Contact UPS customer service immediately.

Can I Track My UPS Package?

Yes, with the provided tracking number, you can monitor your package.

Are International Packages Taped?

Yes, UPS ensures both domestic and international shipments are securely packaged.


In conclusion, while UPS offers taping services to ensure your package’s security, it’s not always complimentary. It’s always a good idea to check with your local UPS store or their website for the most up-to-date information. The assurance that your package is safe, sealed, and ready for transit is worth the extra effort.

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