When UPS will be working properly after Coronavirus Lockdown

UPS (United Parcel Service) is part of government’s critical infrastructure. In this crisis situation when whole world is suffering from the infectious disease coronavirus, UPS is available to provide their services online. There delivery service is also available on the permitted areas.

Coronavirus Affect on UPS Services

In some countries, UPS service has been affected because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) but in United States all the services are provided to the users. In this critical situation UPS is taking all the safety measures and provides awareness to the employees regarding coronavirus, its effects, how fast it is spreading and infecting people who came in contact with this virus and strict instructions to follow safety precautions so that they can save themselves and their surrounding from the infection of coronavirus.

Coronavirus affect on UPS services

Because of Coronavirus, UPS has stopped their UPS service guarantee plans. But we commit to deliver parcels on given time on your location. All the services are available during coronavirus lockdown situation. Coronavirus has not affected our services on the permitted locations.

Safety measures:

Our employee’s safety means safety of our customers. We are taking extra care of our employee’s safety, providing all the facilities and awareness about covid – 19 like cleaning their vehicles, surrounding, washing hands on time, keep social distance, do not touch face, cough in elbow, do not use used tissue, clean shared equipments. As all these safety measures are necessary to keep our services infection free and provide our customers on time services.

In United Services all the UPS services are working properly as before. UPS is providing their online services and taking all the necessary services to keep their surrounding safe from this infectious disease Coronavirus.

Users can track their parcel updates on UPS.COM and can place orders. Delivery dates of ground products can’t be provided as it can vary. However, we keep proper track record of the product and deliver products on time. We also provide our services on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday. You can contact to the customer support any time during working hours. We are available to assist you.

If there occur any changes in our services because of Corona virus, we will update our customers. At present, we are working properly during corona virus and all the services are available to our customers right now. UPS will remain working properly during lockdown and will work with same enthusiasm after lockdown as well.

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