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USPS stands for United States Postal Services. It is an independent agency of the United States federal government responsible for carrying out postal services in the States. With being considered as the owner and operator of the largest vehicle fleet, USPS’s success story is awe-inspiring. It is one among the few government agencies that is recognized by the United States Constitution. The USPS, with its delivery options, have access to letter boxes marked “U.S. Mail” and personal letterboxes in the United States. They are one of the competitors of the package services FedEx in the States. USPS is best known for its priority mail delivery services. It also stands out for one of its most amazing features of tracking the status of the shipment packages online anytime and anywhere, even from the convenience of your bedroom. It provides real-time updates on the location of the package. This feature has now been updated with almost all the courier service companies as well.

You might find it hard to believe, but the USPS is the oldest mailing services in the States providing overnight mail delivery services. It also provides with time-definite domestic delivery service. USPS also has a home delivery option, almost to the entire United States only. The home delivery options are available from Tuesday through Saturday. The logo includes a “Standing Eagle”, which is also the officially adopted seal.

The online tracking facility made available by USPS has reduced the stress of customers waiting for packages. It is designed to provide you with a detailed information about your shipment, including your shipment’s most up-to-date status and estimated delivery date. If the current status shows that the package would be delivered on time, you can easily estimate the day, it would reach at your end. Delivery days and times vary by service type:
USPS services are available from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (and Saturday with Saturday delivery special handling option)
USPS First Class Mail: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
USPS priority Mail Express ®: Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Packages in the USPS system receives scans at various points between pickup and delivery. For example, if your package is to be delivered from California to Colorado, the package would receive a scan at the California depot, immediately after which, it would be loaded for travelling. The second check might be performed in an intermediate location, before the package reaches the Colorado office, where a final check is performed. In certain cases, there are only two scans, one at California and the other straight at Colorado. If the checks do not show up, be assured that it is in transit – your package may be traveling as intended. There is nothing to be worried about in this case as at times while the package is in transit, it becomes difficult to perform the scan, if the package is delayed due to any condition on the journey.
USPS mail services deliver light weight packages, letters, confidential agreements, business envelopes and so on and so forth to your residential address or to your P.O. box address as mentioned in the address section. In cases of certain verification purposes, papers for the drug test are mailed to the applicant’s address via USPS, to ensure swift delivery and on time action. There are specific s guides, contracts, labels, guidelines and of course their customer service portal to help you out with any of the queries you have during the process. USPS goes by the motto- “neither snow nor rain”. They work towards keeping their words and they aim to deliver that forward.
The corporate address of USPS is:
United States Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, District of Columbia 20260
The other varied modes of contacts are:
Phone Number: (202) 268-2000
Fax Number: (202) 268-3488
Email: Email U.S. Postal Service
Almost all your queries are resolved from the question and answer sections that are available at the FAQ section of the USPS website, but just in case, the need arises, you can even submit an email request to them, and they would reach out to you. They are known for their superb customer service skills and will be able to resolve your queries.
At your absence, USPS drivers will leave the package at your door-step, or at your P.O. Box, if the driver believes it is reasonable to do so, and if a signature from you is not mandatory. In most cases, USPS will attempt to deliver your package three times before returning to the shipper.
USPS team has a well-designed portal for tracking your shipments effectively. You can choose from several options there, however the one that is mostly used is “tracking by the reference number.”
A tracking reference number for USPS varies according to the services opted for and is provided to you while you book a slot for delivery of your package. For cases, where in you missed to collect your tracking number, you can always reach out to the postal department team, from where you had booked your package and get the tracking number from there. However, it is advisable to ensure that you collect the tracking number in the first go as it plays a prominent role in helping you out track the most recent location that your package is in and have an estimate idea as to when the package would be delivered to your end or to the recipient to whom the package is intended for.
Here is an example of a few samples of USPS tracking numbers-
USPS Tracking 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
Priority Mail 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
Certified Mail 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
Global Express Guaranteed 82 000 000 00
Once you have the tracking number at your end, you would just need to visit the USPS website and select the correct option to find the status. Below is a step by step guidance for the same.
 Open the link
 An option or blank space to enter the USPS tracking ID would show up.
 Ensure to enter the correct tracking number to avoid receiving erroneous results.
 Once entered, click on the “Track” option.
 After a couple of minutes of searching through the servers, the website would display the exact status and location your shipment in real time.
There are multiple other ways to obtain your tracking number-
 Your Post Office shipping receipt
 Your sales receipt if you bought insurance at the Post Office
 Your email confirmation if you shipped from
 The shipping confirmation email you received from an online retailer
 The bottom peel-off portion of your USPS Tracking label
 The back of the orange slips you received if you missed a USPS delivery
 Track by Email.
You can track your last 35 shipments details with just one email request being put up.
With the motto of being unstoppable be it rain or snow, quality service has always been something USPS has strived for and they believe to carry this forward. With that view, for any queries coming across your way, can always reach out to them at-
For Technical Support 1-800-344-7779 (Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM ET)
For Customer Care Center
Call: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)
TDD/TTY Relay: Call 1-800-877-8339. Ask for 1-800-275-8777
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM ET
For cases, wherein, you do not have an internet connectivity, a call to the customer services department can save you from all the tensions just in case, any package is delayed due to some extreme conditions or faults at any end.
USPS also provides us with a Virtual Assistant or Bot, which guides us with our questions. It would either provide us with a to the point answer or with a link to a relevant article that would help resolve our queries we have.
With the help of the tracking numbers, you can track up to 35 shipments in one time on one search, which is really time saving. While filling out the tracking number, there are certain guidelines that needs to be followed-
 Ensure that the number is of the required format for the type of service chosen.
 Do not use an alphanumeric or unusual character in the tracking number.
 There should not be any hyphens in the tracking number.
 Ensure to remove all the extra spaces while filling out the tracking number.
 If there are more than one numbers, please ensure to fill them out in a line separated by commas.
USPS services are available in numerous locations in and around the United States. USPS Services provides sales, marketing, information technology, communications, customer service, technical support, billing and collections services for U.S. customers of major business units and certain back-office functions that support other companies. For those who stay out of the States, here you will find a link using which you can locate any USPS store within 20 miles of the zip code that you are on the lookout for with accuracy.
The link is:!input.action
Click on the link and it would take you to an all new page, with different fields on it. Read them and accordingly input the details of the area if you know, if not, just input the correct zip code. Using the zip code, all the USPS service providers in and around that location would show up and you need not look about the search engines to find a suitable USPS store to visit to for delivery request of your package.
Advantages of USPS:
 Overnight deliveries.
 You can schedule a pickup as per availability.
 You can track status of your package in real time.
 Efficient customer service.
 No risk of losing on important packages.
 Saves time.
 Cost effective.
 Tracking numbers if not restored, can be easily obtained.
 Any sort of items from lightweight packages to confidential documents can be transported via their mailing services.
 Reliable and trust-worthy.
 Easy billing methods.
 No complex strategies involved.
 Electronic shipping solutions.
 Fast delivery.
 Sophisticated tools.
 International Document Preparation.
 Signature of Proof of Delivery as and when the need arises.
 Simplicity.
 Peace of mind.
 Reassurance and savings.
 Reliable rates.
 Owing to the number of awards and recognitions to its name, there isn’t much of an explanation required after all to rely and do business with USPS.
 It also provides you with a money back guarantee.
Make USPS your international mailing service agent and you can import or export to all the 50 states in the United States and around with complete confidence. This is the sort of service that USPS provides, the level of satisfaction is just unmatchable. Their official websites, provide you with a wide range of online and free tools, using which you can easily track your packages in real time, which was a dream earlier. With a range of advanced tools integrated and inbuilt in their website, you can find all the information about your package in a detailed format, know about the taxes and stuff and what not, and that too on the tip of your fingers. The wide range of shipping services, that they offer you with, means you’ll always find the right options for whatever you’re shipping, without any hassle, with the perfect set of rates and what not in one go.
Folks, with all the wide range of information brought into one page, along with tips and tricks, guidelines of using the tracking number, the advantages of using USPS and many more, I am sure you would no longer need to visit and waste time on the different search engines to find out reasons and rid yourself from the doubt of whether you should opt for USPS as a reliable mailing service or not.

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