How many days will it take for UPS package to be delivered

The package delivery time depends on the various factors like:

  1. What is the origin address of the shipment?
  2. What is the destination address of the shipment?
  3. What type of package you have given to the UPS for delivery like the light package, heavy package etc.
  4. Which method you have opted for the shipment delivery, for example, ground service, freight service, air service etc. All these services have different time duration for the package delivery.
  5. Which service you have opted for the shipment. For example, if you have selected the UPS one day delivery service then your package will be delivered within 1 business day to the destination address.

Most of the people face difficulty in finding the package’s exact delivery time, that’s why UPS provide the facility where you can calculate the approximate time and cost of the package.

If you want the detail information on this please visit: UPS store hours

Follow the steps below to know how to use UPS time and cost calculator:

Step 1: Go to Main website of UPS, go directly by clicking here.

Step 2: It may ask you to select your location to continue, select your current location from the drop down list. If you are forwarded to the home page directly then proceed with step 3.

Step 3: Go to ‘shipping’ tab, on placing cursor a drop down list will be seen.

Step 4: From the Shipping drop down list select the option saying ‘Calculate time and cost’ option.

Step 5: On selecting the ‘Calculate time and cost’ option, a new page will be shown asking you to fill some required fields like shipping destination and origin address, shipping date etc and click on the update button.

Note: Fill all the field mark with * before proceeding.

Step 6: If you need to know the time and cost for any other location then repeat these steps again.

This tool helps you to find time and cost for the different locations package delivery so that you can easily compare and decide which option best suited for you.

UPS pick up the package from the place specified by you so you can use its service or you can search UPS store locations near you to go by yourself and drop the package at any UPS store.

After you handed the package to the UPS, you can know their current status using UPS tracking service.

Using this you can easily track your package in the UPS network.

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