Top 10 Reasons to Buy Mobile Top Ups Online

There are several factors that increase costs. they are:

1) Package size – the size of each package is a quarter of an inch (length, width and height)

2) The weight of the package – the weight of each package is one-hundredth of a pound, rounded to the next pound (for example, 4.01 pounds is rounded to 5 pounds)

3) Destination postal code – the distance from the transportation postal code to the destination postal code multiplied by the cost

4) Commercial or Residential – It’s easier to find a business so the cost of shipping to the business is cheaper than where you live

5) The value of the item – the insurance costs are added to the transport costs

6) All other additional services, e.g. COD, signature is required

You can see that size really matters in shipping! Inches and pounds are the main factors influencing transportation costs.

At UPS there is a maximum number:

For any given package, the weight limit is 150 pounds. The maximum length plus circumference is 165 inches. Start with the longest side to calculate the circumference. This is considered the length. The sum of the length (plus 2 times the width + 2 “, you can send the package to the UPS system. The maximum length (longest side) is 108 inches.


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