Amazon Sunday Delivery Hours

Amazon UPS: The Amazon company was founded by Jeff Bezos on 5 July in 1994. The company was get started just as an online bookstore and it was accessing the books at wholesale. At that time in a very less time the Amazon becomes the largest online bookselling stores and gets expanded with the passage […]

How to request UPS change of address?

Most of the customer of UPS give their delivery address where they are available but because of many reasons, sometimes they needed to change their address. Most of the time it happens that we need to urgently change the delivery address and we don’t know whether it is possible or not. That’s why I have […]

UPS shipment reference

While shipping any package online through UPS, you came across a field named ‘reference’ and most of the people don’t know know what to fill in that field. Here we are going to discuss the about this particular field. United parcel Service provide its bests service to their customer with the help of more than […]

UPS Supplies: Different Forms and Labels at UPS store

Here we are going to discuss about the different types of  labels and forms available at the UPS Store. You can order these forms and labels from UPS official site. UPS Next Day Air Early Air Shipping Document (ASD) It is basically used either when are living far away from any UPS office location or […]

UPS Supplies: Pouches at UPS store

In this article, we are going to discuss about the different pouches available online on the UPS store. Pouches helps at the Time of UPS tracking service provided by the UPS to their customers to track the packages. It is see-through protective pouch that are used with shipping packages to display and store plain paper […]

Does UPS deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

Are you searching the UPS delivery on Saturday and Sunday? Then I want to tell you that here we are going to discuss the delivery hours of the UPS for Saturday as well as Sunday. UPS has more than 1 thousand drivers who deliver more than 1 million packages per day all over the world, so […]

UPS Supplies: Different Labels and Stickers at UPS store

Here we are going to provide the full details of the UPS stickers and labels available at UPS.  Please apply this label below or to the left of your address label. UPS Stickers and labels UPS Worldwide Services Tracking Label It is basically used either below or left side of the address label, also comes […]

UPS Supplies: Different Hazmat Supplies on UPS store

We are going to discuss about the UPS Hazmat supplies available on the which can be ordered. These supplies present free of cost on the site. If you are wondering that what is Hazmat supplies and where we can use this then I want to tell you that these are the Domestic shipping papers used […]

UPS Supplies: Different types of Envelops

UPS offer envelops specially for the urgent documents or correspondences. Here is the types of envelop which are available at UPS Express Envelope- It is basically used for all UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air, and International services and you can find it on the store by the item number i.e 010195101. The enveleop Size will […]

How To Order UPS Supplies?

As you all know UPS is the best in parcel service but it also provide the supplies like envelops, forms, labels at various UPS store locations. If you didn’t know about it before then this article is definitely for you. To know what UPS supplies for their customers, read the this post till the end […]