Is the delivery man Delivers the UPS packages during Coronavirus Lockdown?

During this Coronavirus lockdown most of the online services has been affected but the UPS services are working as before. Yes, delivery men are providing delivery services of the UPS packages during Coronavirus lockdown in some states. But in some state UPS reduced the working hours.

Coronavirus is impacting UPS

Coronavirus is an infectious disease and is spreading so fast. It is advised to take care of your – self by following WHO “stay safe” guidelines and instructions to prevent from coronavirus. UPS is sharing all the WHO instructions with their employees and taking extra care of their health and fitness. UPS services are available as before. They are delivering products / parcels on time.

How UPS is responding to the Coronavirus

UPS has suspended their shipment’s UPS service guarantee and there is some changes in the commit time due to coronavirus. All the employees, suppliers and customers are UPS priority, we are taking all the safety measures for all.

  • UPS is constantly monitoring their air and ground networks.
  • Compliances of all the government regulations for containment of coronavirus.
  • WHO health guidelines provided to the staff i.e. washing hands on time, cleaning sharable products / equipments, cleaning vehicles, social distance.
  • Users can check the product updates on official website and keep track of their parcels.

Delivery men are taking care of all the safety measures while moving outside to deliver products. UPS is one of the critical service providers of government and we need to be available during this crucial time so that our customers do not suffer because of lack of any important product. We can available to provide services as we were providing before corona virus lockdown.

Coronavirus is impacting UPS

People need to be aware about coronavirus disease, how it is spreading infection so fast so that all the people take precautions to stay safe from this contagious virus.

All the delivery services are available on the permitted areas. In this critical situation we all need to stay together, take extra saving measures to safe ourselves, society and stop spreading this disease.

If there occur any changes in the UPS services, all the updates will be shared with their customers so that, they do not suffer. However, at present all the deliveries of parcels are on time. If there are any deliveries on Saturday or Sunday then delivery men are also working on weekends as before. Online services are available during working hours, customers can contact with their local UPS service providers during their work time.


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