Is FedEx Cheaper Than UPS? | Simple Comparison To Help You Choose

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If you are a small business owner, you always have to look for any opportunities that can save you money. When you’re a small business, everything is important – including every single penny. If you sell on eBay or Amazon, you know how expensive it is to ship packages to buyers. You could use the postal service and avoid the higher costs, but that might take a little longer to get the packages to their destination. Many sellers use UPS or FedEx. But which one is the cheaper option? Is FedEx cheaper than UPS? I mean, they’ve got to be different, right? Moreover, how do you know which one to use for which situation? In this article, we’re going to give you the answers that you need to be informed about.

Is FedEx cheaper than UPS in general?

When it comes to shipping, there are two big players – FedEx and UPS. Both of these companies have different options when it comes to shipping packages. Let’s take a brief look at each company.
When it comes to shipping, FedEx is usually the cheaper option. Their prices are lower than UPS, and they have a pointed selection of shipping options. When you order anything from FedEx, you’re guaranteed to get it in a timely manner.
UPS is a little more expensive than FedEx, but they also guarantee that your order will be handled in a timely manner. They also have a more extensive selection of shipping options than FedEx. If you’re looking for a faster and more reliable option, then UPS is the better choice.

How shipping cost is calculated?

Shipping cost is calculated based on a number of different factors, including the items being shipped, where it’s being shipped to, and the method of shipping that the seller has chosen. When shopping for shipping, it is important to consider the different methods of shipping that are available. While some shipping methods will cost less than others, it is important to select a shipping option that is safe for your items and provides tracking.
For example, FedEx is generally cheaper than UPS when it comes to shipping costs. However, when it comes to shipping a large, heavy package or shipping a long-distance, then FedEx may be more expensive.
fedex ground shipping

Is FedEx Ground cheaper than UPS Ground?

Here are a quick comparison of FedEx Ground and UPS Ground shipping costs.
First, with FedEx, you’ll need to pay delivery area surcharges for its ground shipping service. This fee has been increased to $4.80 per package for residential, $3.40 for commercial and $4.10 for extended commercial in 2022. Furthermore, there will be additional handling surcharges depending on the zone to be shipped. It ranges from $14 to $31.50 per package. It’s not a flat rate anymore like in 2021.
On the other hand, UPS will have fuel surcharges for its ground service. It’s adjusted weekly and it ranges from around $3 to $4.50 per gallon. Moreover, there will be an additional handling fee of $3.50 per package and a large package surcharge of $40.
Therefore, we cannot simply say FedEx Ground is cheaper than UPS Ground. It depends on a package dimension, weight, destination and other factors.

Which is better, FedEx or UPS?

FedEx is generally less expensive than UPS when it comes to shipping. If you’re looking for a shipping option that’s cheaper than UPS, FedEx is a good option. However, there are actually more similarities than discrepancies.
One important factor to consider is the delivery time. For instance, FedEx Ground and UPS Ground both offer the same delivery time. You can usually expect your order to arrive within1-5 business days. They also offer the same delivery areas of all the US states. So, you may want to have a stronger reason to choose FedEx over UPS.
Another important factor to consider is discount offers. If you are a small business owner, you can open a free business account with FedEx and get a discount for each shipping. Similarly, UPS offers discounts for small businesses. You will need to open an account just like FedEx. You can also get discounts at the UPS Store.
Overall, if you’re looking for a cheaper shipping option than UPS, FedEx is a good option. However, be sure to consider the additional charges and the discounts that it offers.


Both FedEx and UPS have their pros and cons, but in the end, it really depends on what you are looking for when deciding which shipping service to choose. Is FedEx cheaper than UPS? Yes, FedEx is typically more affordable than UPS, but there are a few factors to consider before making a decision. For example, when planning to move large quantities of items, FedEx may be more expensive than UPS. Ultimately, the decision between FedEx and UPS will come down to what you are most interested in.

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