How To Talk a Homosapien at UPS Customer Service?

We know that the UPS is having a very wide Kingdom of its logistics supply chain management across the world since there are the millions of the people which are connected to the UPS for the purpose of delivering the package or the goods from one place to the other.

During this chain of delivering the package or the goods from the one place to the other, there may arise certain queries related to the package, that is being shipped and delivered by the UPS. The users may have the query in the context of tracking their packages, shipping details and other such queries.

If you want to reach the real person at the UPS then you may contact the UPS custom care executive at the 1-800-742-5877 and you would be provided full assistance by the real person at the UPS.

2 Replies to “How To Talk a Homosapien at UPS Customer Service?”

  1. i just called that 800 number and got a computerized non helpful “assistant”. I have constant problems with drivers NOT READING my address and delivering packages to my neighbor, leaving packages on open deck in the rain. there is a big red sign in my parking circle asking to leave packages on the porch which is maybe 20 feet away. They have also been known to leave packages outside – in the rain. my regular driver is not the problem…she knows my address and is evidently paying enough attention to what she is doing. My shipping address CLEARLY STATES THAT MY HOUSE IS IN THE BACK….There are 2 signs at the head of the driveway with arrows for goodness sakes. This is infuriating.

  2. You people are a joke!
    No real person just a very stupid robot repeating over and over a tracking number needed but can not understand!I had two packages sent here by UPS my mistake I will switch to FedX
    Numbers 1ze42f480217487184 &1z89x7a90354670051 out by the road over 500 feet from house 1st time in 10 years by the time neighbor called everything was gone
    What kind of a jerk water drivers are you employing.So far it has taken me over 45 minutes

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