How & When Will Your Package Be Delivered To You?

If you are a UPS customer, it is highly likely that you have ever wondered “When will my box be shipped to me?” or “How will my parcel be delivered?”. In fact, these are some of the most common questions that UPS store employees are asked. The fact is, the location of the UPS store has nothing to do with the shipment of packages. Their role in the UPS system is to facilitate transportation.

The local hub facility is responsible for delivering packages in the local area. They receive packages from tractors at night, sort them and load them onto trucks, so that when the driver arrives, they can start their delivery route.

Of course, air parcels are preferred. Because the delivery time of 10.30 AM is usually guaranteed, these packages must be delivered first. Since it is easier to find companies, commercial organizations have the next priority. The business usually closes before 5:00 PM, so UPS tries to deliver these packages between 10:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Please note that there is no guaranteed time to ship packages over the ground. If the truck is still driving around 10:00 PM and your package is delivered later in the day, your package is considered to be delivered “on time”. Finally, the delivery of housing has the lowest priority. It’s usually hard to find them (unless you buy them from QVC or HSN every day and have the same name as the UPS driver!) Because sometimes they don’t have a house number. They are also more expensive for the same reason.

The local exchange does not have a telephone number in the telephone book. When you call for information, the system will give you the phone number of the UPS store closest to the centre. Most hub facilities do not allow UPS store associates to provide unlisted numbers. You can call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) at any time for package information. Use your local UPS store location for expert packaging and outbound shipping services.


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